Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Abbot Primate of Klosterneuberg's Affront Against the Immemorial Mass and Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke Celebrating Mass of
All Ages in St. Peter's Last Saturday
(Vienna) The Votive Mass in the Traditional Rite with Cardinal Raymond Burke announced for November 5th, in the parish church of St. Leopold in Vienna Danube field-Floridsdorf was canceled.
Cardinal Burke will, as advertised,  celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the Old Rite on November 4th, for the Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo in the Church of St. Charles. The Immemorial Mass also announced for his stay in Vienna, the  Votive Mass of the Apostles Peter and Paul, however, was canceled (see report  5:11 .: Cardinal Burke celebrated in Vienna St. Leopold votive Mass in the Old Rite).

Rejection of the Traditional Rite and Aftermath of the Synod of Bishops?

Reasons for the rejection are not known, but they could have something to do  with the traditional Rite and aftermath of the Synod of Bishops on the family. The parish of St. Leopold Donaufeld is incorporated to the Augustinian Canons of Klosterneuburg. The Klosterneuburger Provost, Bernhard Backovsky is cited, who is, as is well known,  the current parish administrator and choir master of the Stift St. Leopold, forbade the celebration.
Bernhard Backovsky was elected in 1995 as  the 66th Provost and 17th  Lateran Abbot of the Stift. In 2002 he was elected Abbot General of the Austrian Augustinian Congregation of Canons. Since 2010 he has also been Abbot Primate of all Augustinian canons in the world.

What about "Open Discussion" and the "Full Peace of the Church" for the Usus Antiquus?

The prohibition by Abbot Primate Backovsky must be construed as an affront of rare hardness toward to the traditional Rite and one of the leading representatives of the Church. An unfriendly manner behind which are visible the veiled   fractures within the Catholic Church in Austria. This demonstrates the inability obey, and to accept the traditional Rite and  respect the opinions of others. Cardinal Burke and Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn stood at opposite position in the Synod of Bishops. A  ban on the Mass in the Old Rite is harsh paternalism to others, first of all, the celebrant, but also the faithful who want this.
The unpleasant incident raises questions about just how valid is this "open discussion", which Pope Francis advocated several times for the Synod of Bishops. And how is confirms the hope that Emeritus Benedict XVI. gave in his greeting message last Saturday: "I am very happy that the Usus antiquus now lives in full peace in the Church, even among the young, also supported and celebrated by great cardinals. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: MiL / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


Clinton R. said...

The hatred for the TLM is nothing less than diabolical. Who could hate such beauty, such reverence for God if he were not filled with the devil?

Aged parent said...

Did both the Abbot Primate and Cardinal Burke forget that Summorum Pontificum, which is I believe still in effect, specifically prohibits the action that was taken by the Abbot Primate?

M. Prodigal said...

Cardinal Burke is 'persona non grata' now that it is obvious to all that the pope does not like him and is exiling him. That coupled with a dislike for the TLM make the canceling of these masses look like gaining brownie points.

Anonymous said...

It is not just hatred of the TLM but of Catholics who support it. We are hated by our own Church. It's as simple as that. The Pope is wining and dining the Protestants, not us. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Anonymous said...

These people can take part in Protestant ,Jewish ,Hindu,Buddhists ,and God knows what other religious ceremonies ,but they cant celebrate a Catholic Mass,the fact is there is now a counterfeit Catholic Church operating ,they will drive anyone who disagrees with their new religion of Man out of the church ,its been happening to Priests for years ,its the Bishops and Cardinals turn now ,you only have to look at their new churches ,there is nothing of God in them ,they look like conference halls or worse.

Anonymous said...

In a sinking boat, do you:

1. Throw out as much water as possible, put bandages on the hull, pretend it's just a small leak.

2. Abandon ship, every man for himself

3. Build a makeshift raft and get ready to rescue as many people. Mutiny if needed.

4. Plant explosives to put the ship out of its misery. Unsinkable, they said!

5. Shut up the loudmouths from causing a panic; Everything is fine.

6. Follow what the captain says, no matter how stupid it sounds.

Anonymous said...

7. Put out the Captain and most of the crew.

Anonymous said...

They are slaves to demons and cannot stand to have any holiness near them.

Anonymous said...

Yes - if they are pirates who boarded the ship by stealth and deposed the rightful captain.

Anonymous said...

"They are slaves to demons and cannot stand to have any holiness near them. "

Yes, and the demon is Pope Francis himself.

Damask Rose said...

What happens if you don't have enough lifeboats?

Damask Rose said...

Cardinal Burke has been shut up. It just takes a few more abbots/prelates to ostracise him and then he's out of the picture. It's the wolf-pack mentality. People never side with the victim because the bully is always stronger. People will follow and dis-include him because the Boss has instigated it.

I could be wrong. One would hope that Cardinal Burke will still be invited by bishops who say the TLM regularly. But will these bishops now say the TLM more frequently or less so? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

It's all so ridiculous...and pathetic. What is the Catholic Church becoming, a cult of the Pope who can make up whatever he wants no matter what departure from the Faith it takes....."this raving lunatic radical Pope Francis? Or is the Catholic Church the keeper of a sacred tradition of 2,000 years given to us by Jesus Christ and the succession of mostly great Popes and Saints.
It's disgraceful how the evil spirit that came into the Church with Vatican II, and now has reached it's climax with Francis has wrecked the Church....with so many willing people to join in only because it's "the thing to do".
God bless holy bishops and Cardinals who say no to Pope Francis and his horde. They will all get what is coming to them very shortly.....and it isn't good.
What will this idiot Abbot do, and all the others, when Francis is dead in a year or so (not much longer than that), and a new Pope who is more like Burke than like Francis comes in.
Just as Francis and his gang are enjoying destroying Catholic tradition and Church with it, there will come a time not too long from not when everything they stand for is being suppressed, silenced and destroyed.
Very shortly, look for a surprise new Pope....someone 100% the opposite to Pope Francis. Heads will roll when he comes to the Papal office. The liberals who are cheering now, will be wailing and crying, and running to hide in 1-2 years from now.
It'll be a huge surprise for the Church who is elected. For the media too. They won't like who is elected at all......but they'll cover every second of his tremendous reign.

STEPHEN - Roodepoort said...

The Augustinian monks are packed with sodomites

Anonymous said...

They go to Orthodoxy or SSPX. They're usually the ones moving along the Barque of Peter, looking concerned if not hurling insults at our Captain and the crew. They're the ones who say "We told you so!"

Some just lose hope and board those ships going to the vortex of Hell, it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Are not most post-Vatican II religious Orders of men, as well as seminaries packed with sodomites? Sadly, I think the answer is yes.

It happens much less in traditionalist/traditional Orders and seminaries as well as traditional leaning dioceses....however, the superiors of these seminaries and dioceses unfortunately take in seminarians that have been rejected elsewhere. More often that not, these people have proven to be causes for concern in their orientation, and have sometimes caused scandal. Good example is the case of the infamous sodomite and well know homosexual priest Carlos Urrogoity, who was expelled from the SSPX seminary, went on to try to found his own traditionalist Order, the Society of Saint John", in the diocese of Scranton, USA. When the Society was found to be a seedbed of homosexuality, it was suppressed and expelled from the diocese. They wound up in a Latin American county nd tried to start over. UNfortunatly, the diocesean bishop, a very excellent prelate, overlooked the stories and warnings about Urrogoity and the Society of Saint John as gossip. Eventually he made Urrogoity his chancellor of the diocese.
But it finally caought up with him and afew months ago Pope Francis (always anxious to suppress Catholic tradition at any cost), used the well founded stories about Urrogoity to launch an investigation of the whole traditional diocese and their bishop. The bishop was removed from office, and Catholic tradition is now suspect. All thanks to one homosexual sodomite priest, Urrogoity, who deceived a good bishop and brought ruin to the diocese. We all have heard of the Bishop, and his persecution since by the Vatican. Unjustified of course. But the Bishop should have seen the red flags and warnings by others given him about this priest.

LeonG said...

Paul VI started the campaign against The Latin Mass as pope who tried to abrogate it. It is obvious he is not a saint as no saint would ever have done this. This is anti-Catholic. The fact that this Francis - the man who does not dress or behave like or even want to be pope opted for this disgraceful move using a well-gutted process which benefitted its papal advocate illustrates the corruption to which new church with its new liturgy, new pastoralism; new doctrinal interpretations; new evangelisation and new scriptural methods have sunk.

How anyone can believe the nonsense coming out of The Vatican these days beggars belief.

Joan said...

Is this the same Schoenborn; who had been the primary compilar, editor, and author of the new
Catholic Catechism?

Anonymous said...

Burke should be properly ordained/consecrated,join a true catholic order,and leave the vatican 2 heretic cult.