Monday, September 15, 2014

Jovial Cardinal Sacks Faithful Monsignor in NYC?

Edit: Matt Abbott has reported on this event.  The Monsignor was to be the Executive Director of the Fulton J. Sheen Center for Arts and Culture.  Looks like it's open season on faithful clergy.
Certain troubling developments have come out of the Archdiocese of New York in recent weeks, as covered in this column and a number of other Catholic (and secular) news outlets.
The latest development, an interesting side note to the controversy surrounding the suspension of the cause for Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's canonization, is the intriguing "disappearance" of a once-esteemed New York priest, Monsignor Michael F. Hull. 
A source recently provided me with information that Monsignor Hull quietly left, or was removed from, the priesthood within the last several months. Because everything is so hush-hush on these matters, I decided to take a "wait and see" approach. (Also, it's difficult for me to truly investigate something since I'm not paid for my Catholic journalism 
I have neither the time nor the resources that many secular, and even some Catholic, journalists and commentators have. I mention this because there are still readers who assume that I make my living doing Catholic journalism. I don't.)
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susan said...


Anonymous said...

Don't go out on a limb here. This story is FAR more complicated than just "Dolan Sacks a Monsignor."

susan said...

btw...the GREAT, inimitable, and holy Fr. Rutler is next. He had the kahones to say (at the end of a brilliant piece on the current Christian martyrs):

"As this suffering continues, many in the United States are willing to tolerate heresy and moral decadence in a vain attempt to “get along” with others. While Christians must “love the sinner and hate the sin,” there are an increasing number of people who are intimidated into enabling the sinner to advertise his sin. In 1992, Cardinal O’Connor said that compromising Catholic truth for the sake of political correctness “was not worth one comma in the Apostles' Creed.
The holy martyrs in the Middle East honor the Church and atone for our degeneracy. Their bishops are willing to struggle and die with them. They must be amazed that bishops and people in other places have their priorities so wrong."

Cardinal Queeg last seen demanding his strawberries.

susan said...

yeah...and the St. Patrick's day parade is a whole lot more complicated; and congratulating Michael Sam on his sodomy is a whole lot more complicated; and stabbing a fellow Cardinal in the back and delaying a beatification so he can keep the body and have the revenue is a whole lot more complicated; leaving town without a peep the night before his continuing communicant, the apostate Cuomo, passes "gay marriage"; yucking it up with obama as his special guest at the Al Smith dinner while obama keeps the Little Sister of the Poor in spiritual chains; the outrageously unjust treatment of Fr. Wiley; the threatened closure of the stable Holy Innocents with plans to throw them to apostate wolves; and on, and on, and ad nauseum on.

yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh,'s not so complicated.

It looks, quacks, and smells like a big, fat duck.

Tancred said...

That's why there's a question mark on the end of the sentence, but golly gee, looks like a pattern developing.

LeonG said...

Dolan is a shameless idiot - has he got a brain?

Anonymous said...

Looks real conservative in this WSJ photo:
More like this "rector" secretary to Bishop Egan
“Since the weekend, the top story among the city's church circles has been Cardinal Edward Egan's appointment of Msgr Michael Hull, rector of St John Neumann Residence -- the archdiocesan minor seminary -- as pastor of Epiphany parish in the Lower East Side's tony Gramercy Park. Hull's appointment takes effect on the traditional 1 July start-date of the Big Apple's new pastors. A member of the cardinal's innermost circle of confidants named rector of Neumann last fall after serving since 2001 as its dean, the transfer of the Greg-trained Scripture scholar -- who Egan had previously shortlisted for the rectorship of the major seminary at St Joseph's, Dunwoodie -- is the first major signal that the cardinal's age-induced retirement from office could come to pass within weeks.”

Tancred said...

Ugh, good find, but still, lol!

Anonymous said... Please post this Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please, cease this ignorant yellow journalism. Monsignor Hull had an unhappy reputation in the archdiocese and was a protegé of Cardinal Egan, and also favored by Cardinal Dolan. He appeared in his church on Divine Mercy Sunday - of all times - and shocked his congregation by announcing that he was leaving the priesthood. Latest report was that he got married in a Protestant church in Florence, Italy to an Italian woman and was hoping to become an Anglican clergymen. I certainly am horrified at the degradation of the the archdiocese of New York under Dolin, but your "shoot from the hip" brand of tabloid journalism is not credit to you.

bleusmon said...

Why don't you sign your name, anonymous? Too cowardly when lecturing others to put your real name on criticizing others?

I dismiss all that is posted by anonymous...he sure gets around, though!

Tancred said...

Is your brain pickled in formaldehyde?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how many people are not concerned that Bishop Egan's pet may have fed porn, alcohol and drugs to young men in a minor seminary in order to get them to perform homosexual acts or taught them that these acts were okay and to consider bondage and sadism as natural (like planned parenthood is teaching public high schoolers), but one is concerned about "Msgr Hull" who seemed to have a BIG FAT LIVING off contributions from people (many probably very poor) who were trying to obey the commandments and support a hierarchy that has been taking them for a ride while claiming to be for SOCIAL JUSTICE -- what kind of Social Justice - the Social Registry MOMA Jewish Big Bank NY social life that gets you on TV? I am SICK and TIRED of faithful CATHOLIC priests that are being persecuted being coupled with PARASITIC JERKS like Hull (and Malachai Martin (!). I include such writers as Rocco & Sean Winters to be very connected with the fairy parasitic homosexual combine that has turned the Catholic Church into the Whore of Babylon. Imagine this jerk dressed in civvies being short-listed for Dunwoodie -- WHY? Surely NOT because of his faith or desire to minister to Jesus Christ or the faithful (but maybe because of his willingness to PIMP for his superiors!!!).

Listen to Msgr Wallin in 2002-- meanwhile HE was one of them!

"From the pulpit of the St. Augustine Cathedral Sunday morning, Monsignor Kevin W. Wallin forcefully denounced priests who prey on young people... Above all, Wallin urged parishioners not to lose faith in the church. ``We are in the midst of one of those confusing, difficult, disappointing times,'' he said. ``My task is to fan the flames of faith, my own and yours. If we as a community fan those flames, we shall survive this.'' Like other diocesan officials, Wallin sought to sow skepticism on media reports of the scandal. He alluded to newspaper articles on the subject, which he said contain ``things that are true and things that are not.''