Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Resignation of Benedict XVI From a "Handicapped Pontificate"

Pope Benedict XVI. and a Ceaseless Multiple
Attacks From Within and Without Handicapped
Pontificat, Which Ended With His Resignation 
(Rome) Cordialiter, which is a blog of  Catholic tradition with a restrained and balanced editorial line, has published a quite credible eyewitness account. Credible in connection with  its evidence about that "disabled pontificate" of Benedict XVI. LIke no pope in recent history,  Benedict XVI. was not attacked from outside, but handicapped by open disobedience from inside.
The description confirms the existence of an apparent dichotomy between tradition and neo-modernism. It's also  visible that besides the so-called "crypto-Lefebvrians", of which the Apostolic Commissioner of battered Franciscans of the Immaculate spoke, there is a strong group of crypto-schismatics there that are in no way limited to those parts of the German, Austrian and Swiss episcopate and their apparati.

On the Resignation of Benedict XVI.

I would guess that I do consider the resignation of Benedict XVI  to be valid. What I am describing today is from  a dear friend who gave me permission to publish the message on the condition that their names not be mentioned.
In the cloistered convent, where she lived, modernist priests often came to propagandize  the sisters, to "aggiornare" [Bringing them "up to date"]. One of these priests asked the nuns to pray that Benedict XVI. resigns. My friend, who preferred to keep her  traditional friendly attitude from these priests, and thus made friends  with  a priest, a leading representative of the modernist movement. He confided to her  quite openly that he and others like him among the clergy and the religious gathered thousands of signatures to urge Pope Benedict XVI. to resign. 
My friend asked the priest what will happen in the event that the Holy Father were to refuse to resign. The Modernist replied that the Pope had already been informed about it: If he does not resign, they would establish a new, separate church of Rome. And it will not be a small church.' According to what was known to him, many Church leaders would be willing to join the new modernist church. The crypto-schismatic clergy also laid emphasis on the finding that they preemptively support had been assured by those already who control some of the leading mass media and the media would promote the new church.
Some time later, on February 11, 2013 Benedict XVI  actually announced his resignation. My friend told me many more details, whose the publication of for several reasons would be unwise.
Now many will think: If things are to be so, then the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. is invalid. Because in order to be valid, it must be done voluntarily and without any compulsion. To me it is still hard to believe that Benedict XVI. could have made such a serious step to make a false resignation leaving the church in the hands of a false pope (regardless of ever being elected in the conclave).
Therefore, I am of the opinion that Benedict XVI., as he saw himself besieged by a flood of conspirators who were willing to schism, the most stressful thing that can happen to a pope, who was already 86 years old, no longer felt the power to effectively govern the Church and to resist the subversion of the modernists, who preferred to abdicate.
Ultimately, he did not renounce his office, because he was put under pressure, otherwise the resignation would be invalid, but because he no longer felt the physical and spiritual strength because of his age, which he considers necessary in order to oppose the modernist movement.

Reason for Withdrawal too Banal For Office and Office Holder?

Cordialiter's argument remains weak on this point, that Benedict XVI. precisely because of the underlying, but noticeable  refusal to follow by  many church leaders could not guarantee that a Pope they desired would emerge from a conclave. The validity of this described also can be due to lack of secure data check difficult to understand why it is easy to brush off or could be initially dismissed even as a belated construct. The good reputation of Cordialiter guarantees sufficient credibility, not to omit any of the facts.
The  nun's description proves in any case, that the spectacular and completely unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. is still something of a mystery and which preoccupy many Catholics. The withdrawal is a serious shadow on the pontificate of this great thinker and prince of the Church who has had his legacy severely damaged. Ultimately, because that he did it himself and thus only official reason seems so banal. Too mundane for this office and this office holders.

Benedict XVI. Year and a Half After Withdrawal of "Extraordinary Mental Vigor"

This fueled speculation which will continue to boil as long as Benedict XVI. is in such good health, demonstrated in how he has held for the second time since his resignation the Schulkreis for his former students and celebrated Holy Mass  for the meeting with his on Sunday. He showed at the same time, in spite of all age-related restriction, to be intellectually and theologically clearly superior to the reigning Pope. Father Stephan Horn, spokesman for the Ratzinger student circle reported on the question to Vatican Radio : "What was it like to celebrate with the Pope Emeritus"
"Wonderful! The joy of the Holy Father, the solemn Holy Mass with an address is how he always does it, the theme of the Gospel and reading. We hope that we can publish this speech one day on our website. He has really preached freshly. This has been shown also in the subsequent meeting that he has worked almost livelier than a year ago. Of course he's a little older, and he feels that it is no longer as easy to walk. But his mental vigor was quite extraordinary."

The "Murder Plot" and the End of the Pontificate

In connection with the Cordialiter report, namely that:  it is also important to recall  the "secure message" which Archbishop Paolo Cardinal Romeo of Palermo and his European travel companions, mostly businessmen, gave in the mid-November 2011 during a trip to the People's Republic of China, where he announced that the pontificate of Benedict XVI. will only last more than one year. Pope Benedict XVI. was informed  by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos in a personal letter  deliberately written  in German language letter about it in January 2012.
The precise details of the end of the pontificate came from Romeos' interlocuters, of which the Colombian Castrillon Hoyos was informed, who had come to the conclusion that there was a murder plot afoot against the German pope. The anonymous note about Romeos' China discussions to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos was dated 30 December 2011.   The frightening term "murder plot"  was  used by the Colombian cardinal, who had come to the same conclusion, then he wrote explicitly in his letter to Benedict XVI. and the person who brought the letter to the Pope   with the inscription on the envelope: "Strictly confidential". Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, then responded to the letter and content, and was limited to the words: "It seems so incredible that I do not even want to comment on it."

The Pastor Initiatives as Leverage Against Benedict XVI.

The nun told Cordialiter of signatures from clergy, with which the modernists wanted to use to force Benedict XVI.  to resign.  That could have been the Pontificate's interaction with the Pastor Initiatives since 2006, which were initiated in Austria and spread in the following years in many westernized countries. In June 2011, the "Call to Disobedience" followed. That the internal Church confrontation was decisive on this front, it witnessed what was for many observers the   direct rebuke of the rebellious cleric by Benedict XVI,  at the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday, 2012, ten months before the announcement of his official resignation. He refused for the world Church to hear the demands of the priest rebels. He took every effort,  to which the Austrian episcopate could not  or or did not want to implement.  Only the "radicality of obedience" is an appropriate requirement for a "real renewal" in the Church, said the leader of the Catholic Church  to the disobedient ones.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Chiesa e Postconcilio
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Sixupman said...

All of 25 years ago, a Carmelite nun friend inadvertently gave me a tape of a conference given, to their house, which ridiculed the TLM. She was well aware of my views. She died in 2001 aged 95 and had, in the past crossed
swords with Msgr. Ronald Knox - who said women in Mother Church were subjugated, I never met a nun who was!

Anonymous said...

I don't think this information comes as a surprise to anyone who possesses a functioning mind. One just has to go into an ordinary parish to see that the Catholic Faith has been replaced by some pseudo Protestant invention by modernist priests, sisters and lay people who hold positions of authority.

How could it possibly have been a surprise to Pope Benedict about the real possibility of a formal schism? There already exists a material heresy and schism in the church and everybody knows this. Example: the Jesuits have done unbelievable damage to the Faith of millions for the last 50 years. And what is done. Nothing. That's the problem, nothing is done about dissent. Look at Vienna, what's being done nothing. Hundreds of priests in Vienna are open heretics.......and they aren't going to change. Laicize all of them. It would take ten minutes. And just face the fact that the Church has to really start REAL re evangelizing all over again. Europe has been lost and is truly mission territory as is the US and all of South America. Modernism has almost completely destroyed the Faith. Until the Church has a pope who will do what must be done it will only get worse. And resigning the papacy didn't help, it made the situation worse. I LOVE Pope Benedict but he was wrong to walk away from the cross, and that's what he did. He abandoned the sheep to that wolf who is in Rome these days. God help us all.

Daniel said...

I don't find this report very credible. Yes,there were objections to Pope Benedict - just as there were objections to John Paul II and even Francis today. I think these sort of reports are insulting to Pope Benedict who would not have fled from the wolves, but resigned - entrusting Christ's Church to Christ himself - because he felt he no longer had the necessary strength and ability to lead it.

average joe said...

A father does not resign from being head of his family. He was not a hireling. "As a servant longeth for the shade, as the hireling looketh for the end of his work."

Benedict can see the horrors of Francis yet he still smiles at him with loving eyes in photos that make me sick. Bah!

Plots and dangers and boogeymen..Oh my!

Catholic Mission said...

August 28, 2014

Tancred said...

I've never been a fan of Father Knox, either.

Belloc said...

Not credible? Combine it with that fact that at his Angelus message last Sunday, Francis gave a traditionally Protestant and heretically condemned understanding of the papacy as being founded by Christ on the faith, rather than the person, of Peter. This morning's news brings word that again the pope's hand-picked head of the Italian Bishop's Conference, Nunzio Galatino, has made a call for Communion to the divorced and remarried in the face of the coming Synod.

Francis still has my assent as pope, but the lines are being drawn. The schism, despite his election, is, I believe, still coming. When Benedict was the acknowledged pope however, any schism would've been a public breaking away from the man the world saw as Peter. With the election of Bergoglio, the schism will still come, but it will leave the Modernist church looking like the legitimate institution.

Arise, O Christ and save us.

Tancred said...

It reminds me of Siri not accepting his papal election. What happened there?

Liam Ronan said...

I took the incomprehensible resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to be a mystical echo of Jesus' words to Judas at the Last Supper:

"And Jesus said to him: 'That which thou dost, do quickly.'

[dicit ei Iesus 'quod facis fac citius'] John 13:27

Clinton R. said...

We know that before the return of Our Lord, things will grow darker and the devils will emerge from the darkness and the True Faith will be a remnant. May Our Blessed Virgin pray for us. May St. Michael protect us. Domine, miserere nobis. +JMJ+

Geremia said...

No mention of Vatileaks or the SSPX? Those were the two reasons he resigned, according to his brother Fr. Georg Ratzinger.

Catholic Mission said...

CCC 1257 is double talk, irrational and non traditional.It contradicts the teaching of the Holy Spirit over the centuries

Who was Cardinal Cushing to suggest that the baptism of desire was an exception to the centuries old teaching?

Anonymous said...

T,, this is not meant to be posted, fyi


The 1000th Anniv. took place in Rome at the same would think it would have been Malta, in any case the issue was over the money

Anonymous said...

What is it going to take for us to realize that what is going on in the Vatican is not the Church founded by Christ and that these popes are not real popes...

Tancred said...

What is it going to take for schismatics and heretics to finally be erased from the world by a torrent of fire?

Anonymous said...

But did Pope Benedict fully resign?

The title of "Pope" is both unique and specific normally attaching to a single individual.

That Pope Benedict resigned yet chose to retain the title "Pope"
though qualified by the word "emeritus" is intriguing to say the least.

It indicates a personal fascination with titles.

It can therefore be argued that the title of "pope" is somewhat diluted now since it is actually shared by two individuals.

[i] John [/i]

Anonymous said...

What is remarkable in Pope Franceses angelus sermon is its total omission of the key elements of papal authority conferred on St Peter. Ie giving him the keys to the kingdom of heaven with the power of binding and unloosening.
Having said that Im afraid I dont see what is heretical in the popes discourse.
This reprobate Bishop Nunzio Galatino is a very worrying appointment in the light of his apparent open rejection of the traditional
model of catholic marriage.
This Pope Francis also spoke warmly of Cardinal Walter Kaspers clearly heretical theology!

All in all I am sadly inclined to agree that a serious schism may be on the way and i have been saying that now for the past 3 months.

It is very very wrong to be raising false expectations that core catholic doctrine can change.

It can never change.

If serious changes are made then schism will inevitably happen.

If they are not made schism will also happen by those whose expectations have been raised by irresponsible conduct on the part of those who should know better.

Anonymous said...

Why do you want to destroy anybody who disagrees with you?

Heretics and schismatics lose out anyway.

That you wish to annihlate them totally indicates an absence of any mercy or tolerence.

Tancred said...

Reading comprehension is a dangerous thing.

Spearhawk said...

It is not unheard of. if a Pope is unable to continue to work as a Pope, then he is allowed to remain cloistered and seccluded from the world to live out the remainder of his days and he is an "advisor" to the new pope. that he is emeritus means simply that he has been a pope before, there is nothing in the doctrine that says you HAVE to die as a Pope. God is forgiving and loving.