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"Revolution Bergolio": Diocese of Treviso Insults Saint Pius X on 100thAnniversary of His Death

(Treviso) On 20 August 1914, a hundred years ago,   Saint Pope Pius X died,  who resisted Modernism and fought against it.  Pius X defined Modernism in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, his encyclical of 1907 as the "synthesis of all heresies".   Today  Modernism is becoming predominant, which has abused even the holy Pope for its purposes, to betray the everlasting Magisterium of the Church.  That teaching, which St. Pius X has devoted his entire extraordinary life in fidelity to Christ and His teachings.

The Diocese of Treviso made a unique decision. On their internal page it says: "On 20 August 1914, Pope Pius X. died at 1:16  in the Vatican. The world was experiencing the outbreak of the First World War. The Diocese of Treviso will honor this anniversary in the third week of August with a series of initiatives." Ironically, churches were not opened on the dies natalis of the saint, in order to explain the meaning of the saintly Pope  to people that sin is sin, and to celebrate Eucharistic adoration under the slogan "God is love" but to invoke  the intercession of Pius X  to ensure that the forthcoming Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family (October 5 to 19) of the Church will bring an "aggiornamento" and according to "all the needs of all couples."  In short,  the 100th anniversary of the death of so great and holy a Pope as Pius X, is to be abused to propagate the exact opposite of what the Church has taught for the last 2,000 years.  "That's a lie in its pure form, that is not even visible to the initiate is not visible even to," writes the Italian district of the SSPX, who made ​​the scandal public.

The Diocese is Praying that the Church Recognizes the Sin?

 "Today, one goes to far as to "pray" (to whom do we pray?) that the Church recognizes sin.  The sin, as such, to recognize and legitimizes the sinners to their actions without remorse and without repentance.  Were all previous generations who lived in marriage according to the commandments of the Holy Church, of your mind?   Or is the meaning obscured today? ",  says the report of the SSPX.

 The daily Tribuna di Treviso  advertised the following in the issue dated 19 August under the title "Revolution Bergoglio: The Curia opens the doors for the divorced" with  benevolent items for the prayer initiative of the Diocese:

 A whole night in the church for prayer and worship, to call upon the Holy Pope of Treviso.  One is  married in the Church and other with the wedding ring on her finger, but without a holy covenant.  And still others who live together without a promise to the priest or the mayor.  Or even with a divorce under his belt, but who has told an other, 'yes.'  Never before have all been found together, together, to pray.  On the day of the hundredth anniversary of the death of Saint Pius X, who died on the night of August 20, 1914, in the church of Treviso which opens its arms for the first time for all couples, married or not.  And she invites you to pray together without any distinction: Christian families, married couples, engaged, couples who are married in a civil ceremony couples living together, separated or divorced.  No one is excluded.   Five churches in the diocese will open their doors for the peace and quiet of a special prayer moment.  From the church of Riese, Pio X, the birthplace of Pope Giuseppe Sarto, over at the parish of Salzano, the monastery church of the Visitation in Treviso, the Piccolo Rifugio San Dona del Piave,  the Adoration Chapel of Ciano del Montello. A night of worship that is available to all pairs who cross the threshold of the church and want to sit side by side before the altar." Likewise, the Corriere delle Alpi  wrote on the Internet: "The Curia of Treviso Opens the Gates of the Divorcees."

Logo for the 100th anniversary of the death of Pope Pius X.

 "Opening Without Limitation"

 In the  diocese's listing there is no mention of remarried divorcees or homosexuals.   The media understood the "opening without restriction" literally in any case and  gave the impression that the Church accepts any form of "living together."  The Canon Law of 1917,  prepared by Pope Pius X, and the Large Catechism, which he himself wrote, however, takes a clear position on the sacrament of marriage.   For this reason the initiative of the Diocese of Treviso could only be described as a blatant violation of the Canon Law and the Catechism.   Equally, we are dealing with an insult to the Holy Pope, whose name is being abused for the opposite of what he had taught and fought for, says the SSPX.

 The same newspaper article has Monsignor Giuliano Brugnotto, the chancellor of the diocese and secretary of the Diocesan Committee for the Centennial Celebration of the Holy Pius X.  quoted as saying: "The Pope [Francis] has several times expressly asked for it it, he has asked for prayers to give an ecclesial event such as the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family answers to difficult situations or marital wounds.   In Treviso this is happening for a special occasion, which is intended on the centenary of the death of Pope Pius X.  We have invited them to live this moment of prayer, each with the experience and the character of his own love."

 "A love like God wants or Satan?"

"A love like God wants or Satan?" asks the SSPX.  It is noticeable also that it is difficult in the diocese to address Pope Pius X as a saint.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Treviso is the Franciscan Minorite Archbishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin who was from 1995-2001 Minister General of the Minorites and from 2000-2006 Chairman of the Union of Superiors General of Religious Orders (USG). Benedict XVI.  made ​​him secretary of the Congregation of Religious and Titular Bishop. Upon expiration of his three-year tenure, he was raised in 2009  to the Bishop of Treviso ad personam with the rank of archbishop.  With the appointment of the incumbent Prefect, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz and at least the last three secretaries of the Congregation of Religious, the popes were not particularly fortunate in this regard.

The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the death of Pope culminates on Saturday with a Mass in Riese Pio X, which is celebrated by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Wikicommons Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

The SSPX recently wrote an inspiring article on how they bought an abandoned parish in Pittsburgh. The diocese refused to sell them a church they were originally selling for $350,000:

"By fall of 2013, as the diocese was laying off employees due to a $2.3M deficit in their budget, the price of St. Michael’s had dropped down to $150,000 despite the readiness of our checkbook. At that time a local reporter contacted the diocese about the sale of St. Michael’s and asked why the diocese had previously sold churches to the Lutherans and Baptists while they would not sell to the SSPX. The response that was posted in the newspaper was, “those groups [Lutherans and Baptists] are not schismatic in the eyes of the Church.” What a losing battle this was! There was no use trying to reason with the diocese. It became clear that they might sell this church for Protestant “worship” or to a developer for making apartments, but not to a group that would use it according the purpose for which it was built—the Mass of All Time and the perennial teaching and sacraments of the Church." Source:

Did you read that? Protestants are not schismatics, only the SSPX is. The majority of protestants teach that the the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ and the whore of babylon, yet they're not schismatics? Huh, that explains why the Catholic hierarchy attempted to refuse salvation to now Fr. Sandmark in Sweden:

Guess what folks, one of these churches is not like the other. One has Jesuits like St. Edmund Campion who sacrificed his life to save protestant souls, the other has Jesuits like Francis who openly doesn't want protestants converting to the Catholic Church (outside of which there is no salvation). The lines aren't drawn and we're still in a transitory period, but believe me, when Francis and the hierarchy change the unchangeable divine law on marriage next year, lines will be drawn. Marriage issues and homosexuality are the last things that conservative bishops are willing to fight for. They've been conditioned to swallow altar girls, Communion in the hand, and general liturgical abuses but not something so obvious to human nature. Catholics were martyred for defending marriage. Stories like "A Man of All Seasons" still inspires the souls of Catholics who have some remaining semblance of Catholicism left in them. The body of the Church Militant is numb and sedated but there are still some working nerves that can be pinched.

We shouldn't be sad that the "Catholic" hierarchy will be changing the unchangeable divine law, we should be happy because there are two churches living under one roof and one of them needs to be evicted. A domestic disturbance brought about by one spouse (devout Catholics) witnessing the other spouse (modernists) in open and obvious spiritual fornication (changing divine law) is a good way to kick the adulterer (modernists) to the curb. The biggest downfall of the modernists will be their pride, now that they have power they're no longer subtle and have become reckless.

St. Pius X pray for us!

Anonymous said...

They should have got a third party to purchase the Church on their behalf ,they have no problem selling churches to be turned into restaurants and night clubs,some with Altars and statues intact,while ripping altars and statues out of Churches which are still in use.

Anonymous said...

I think people on this blog need to be aware of the fact that no church teaching has been changed concerning the sacrament of marriage.

Despite what any pope or cardinal may say the catholic church cannot change her traditional teaching on the essential aspects of the catholic sacrament of holy mattrimony.

If that were to happen then it would cause a large schism and the gates of hell would have prevailed.

Jesus has promised that this will not happen.

The idea of having prayers in this chuch and invoking St Pius x on the forthcoming is a great idea.

The church is for sinners and the more of them that come together to pray the better.

Those who object and complain about this Diocese of Trevisio initiative are
just exhibiting sour grapes.

Tancred said...

It's clear the Trevisio initiative is being used to push public opinion to acceptance of changes in the Church teaching, ala Cardinal Kasper.

Anonymous said...

You make that allegation without any supporting argument.

Since according to you "it is clear etc" then no doubt you can reasonable defend your position.

Tancred said...

The local news media seems to understand what this Old Liberal prelate is doing. Why do you have so many problems? Do you have a dog in the fight?

Anonymous said...

The New Church has become nothing short of a lunatic asylum.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, March 5th, 2011
Rise of the false prophet
They need to pray hard now, as the outcome of this attack on My Holy Vicar will be witnessed by you all. Pray, pray, pray that the false prophet will be identified for what he is. Watch out for his demeanor. His attention seeking agenda, the way in which My misguided sacred servants will drop in awe at his feet. Then listen to what he has to say, carefully. His HUMILITY will be FALSE, his intentions mischievous and the love he exudes will be all about him. He will be seen as being INNOVATIVE, dynamic – a breath of fresh air. While he is driven and energetic, his powers will not come from God the Eternal Father. They come from Satan, the evil one.

"Some Pharisees who were with him heard him say this and asked, “What? Are we BLIND too?”

Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.

Long-Skirts said...

"A night of worship that is available to all pairs"


There are some couples
O, so nice
As nice, as nice
Can be.

They have their weddings
Roses, rice
And plan forever

No more.

They know the latest
Things to do
That pleasure their skins
And pore.

"What need for seeds
And eggs take space
We desire to be
In lust -

Our lives are erotic
Never neurotic
In cholesterol-free
We trust."

Some of these couples
Are Bob and Rick,
Some are Michael
And Sue,

No matter their genders
Each has his trick
Of blending secretions
Like stew.

Much money they'll save
On themselves these few
From their vows 'til their graves
They'll live well...

But because their intent
Was a-party-of-two...
Alone they'll be seated
In Hell!

James said...

"Jesus has promised that this will not happen."

## No, He did not - what He did say, is that "the gaytes of Hades shall not prevail against it [= His ekklesia]".

That is totally compatible with all the evils the Church has endured throughout her history - including heresy & schism & error from Popes & other bishops.
These things have happened before - so why can they not happen again ?
The words of Christ can't be taken as guaranteeing the Church a trouble-free life - if that were their meaning, they would have been falsified a thousand times over; the NT itself shows they cannot mean that, because the Church suffered many troubles even in the period of the Book of Acts. Christ is not promising any kind of "prosperity theology" - He is saying that the powers of death will not have the final word. That the powers of death will be powerful for a while, is made clear by the fact that He "must" be crucified - the words that so scandalised Peter. But it is Christ, Crucified & Raised, Who has the last words, not the powers of death.

So it seems far from certain that we can take for granted that that Church's teaching can't be changed, especially as it has been changed in other respects. That does not make the change right or good or legitimate; but however wrong such things are, they can take place. It does not follow Catholics are entitled to accept them - on the contrary; false teaching is false teaching, even if ten thousand Councils, Popes & hierarchies taught it.

Tancred said...

Great comment!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Longskirts - you should publish that - in fact all your poems might get the martyrs crown if you do! :-)
It's excellent! Says it all...