Monday, August 11, 2014

Austrian Priest: "I Am Ashamed Now For My Church!"

Father Karl Wallner criticized: "On the official Church websites in Austria, I find only condolences for the tragically deceased National President , who has stood diametrically opposed to much of what constitutes the Christian image of man"

Vienna (  Father Karl Wallner, Rector of the Philosophical-Theological College of  Benedict XVI.  Holy Cross [Heiligenkreuz] in Lower Austria, has criticized Austrian Church leaders because they had given unqualified and widespread praise of Barbara Prammer, the late National President. Wallner writes on Facebook: "On the official Church websites in Austria, I find only condolences for the tragically deceased National President, who has been diametrically opposite of MUCH that constitutes the Christian view of man. I am ashamed at the moment - maybe because I'm on vacation among the pagan Saxons - fearful for my Church !!! If we continue like this, it will soon disappear. "

Among other things, President of Caritas Landau,  both Linz bishops,  Scwarz  and Aichern and Catholic Women's Organization of Austria President Haas had expressed grief and appreciation for the deceased. So said the President of Caritas, Michael Landau, with Prammer, Austria loses an important voice for humanity and tolerance.  Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz recalled the productive cooperation with Prammer about the relief fund for victims of National Socialism, his predecessor Maximilian Aichern said he was "grateful for their human and democratic action" and the chairman of the Catholic Women's Movement (kfbö), Barbara Haas, praised Prammer as "an ally and advocate". 

"Barbara Prammer always had an open ear and was also a major supporter of Caritas in social issues and in questions of justice," said Landau. He mentioned the petition to implement the UN Children's Convention "Against injustice: children do not belong in jail," the work for people with disabilities, where they promoted the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of disabled people, the parliamentary observance of World Refugee Day and support campaigns to reduce development aid. Prammer was for many years one of the leading pro-abortion politicians the SPÖ. In various discussions she has advocated repeatedly for comprehensive abortion services in Austria. For years she has called for public awareness campaigns in schools, free contraceptives or "prescriptions" of birth control pills.

 Photo Father Karl Wallner: (c) Diocese of St. Pölten

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Anonymous said...

Having been given the lead by the Argentinian pope catholicisms castrated episcopacy must needs laud all sorts of deviant persons especially if prominent in politics.

Catholic truth is just a badge of convenience for these courtiers in the confused court of catholicisms quasi diarchical papacy.