Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vatican Recognizes International Association of Exorcists

Rom, 3.7.14 (Kipa) The Vatican has officially recognized the International Association of Exorcists. The Congregation of Clergy has approved their statutes on July 13th, reports «Osservatore Romano» (3. Juli). The Association has about 250 Exorcists from 30 lands.

It's president, the Italian Franciscan, Francesco Bamonte, is pleased with the Vatican decision. He hopes only that ore priests "who often are unaware or underestimate a dramatic situation" , give their attention, he said, regarding possession by the Devil. Exorcism is also a form of charity for suffering people, wrote «Osservatore», citing him.

The Association Doesn't Speak for the Church

The Exorcist Association only has the status of a "private association of the faithful" and is a legal entity, which means it can assume legal rights and responsibilities. It has no official character, and doesn't "speak in the name of the Church".

The international gathering of Exorcists was established in 1994 at the initiative of Gabriel Amorth, the previous Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. Previously there was the founding of an Italian Association of Exorcists in 1991. Amorth was the first president of the Association till 2000. (kipa/cic/bal)

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Anonymous said...

It is a bad situation in the Church today that many Bishops and Priests cling to the modernist idea that the influence of satan is not real. According to Fr. Amorth there exists not only diabolical possesion but also, diabolical obsession, curses, the "evil eye" and other types of influences from the devil. I have heard of many who speak of strange noises, items flying off shelves, sane people who see things in human form then these forms dissapear, people who begin to speak and act in a strange manner. A manner that not even the psychologicaly disturbed behave. According to Fr. Amorth, " These things are happening more and more frequently today". It is so true what the Franciscan Francesco Barnonte say's, "Exorcism is also a form of charity for suffering people". That Bishops and Priests learn to be more charitable, but in the modernist world we have little hope for that.