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Nomen est omen -- Rahner Calls For Women Priests

From Rahner to Rahner
(Tübingen) The German theologian Johanna Rahner considers “women priests" in the Catholic Church as "possible", which when translated means that "priestesses" are desired.  Rahner took over the chair of Dogmatic Theology, History of Economic Thought and Ecumenical Theology at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, which Hans Küng held until 1996. The inaugural lecture takes place on Thursday.
Nomen est omen: Johanna Rahner is related to the theologian Karl Rahner (1904-1984), who is supposed to have put his stamp on the so-called conciliar spirit. The theologian who was  welcomed by the Central Committee German Catholics, was previously Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Kassel. In addition to "priestesses" Rahner calls for a “renewed dogmatic theology” in the issue of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. 

Church a "Chaste Whore" - Priestesses as an Act of Equality

 Rahner said, "I want to open the classical dogma to the outside. We can simply assimilate  people to the rules, but the rules need to be understood humanly."  In this context, the theologian said also:  “... When the Church shuns the world, it is esoteric.”  Her understanding of the Catholic Church  brought Johanna Rahner at one point  to see the Church as a "chaste whore."
"The apostles themselves may have been male,”  but this in no way prevents the Church today,  according to Johanna Rahner, from introducing "priestesses". "Male Apostles are therefore a weak argument against women's ordination,” said the theologian.

Blessing of Homo-pairs and Recognition of a “Second Marriage"

At the same time Rahner called for the blessing of homosexual couples in and through the Church and called for the admission of divorced remarried to the sacraments and the recognition of the second marriage. "When the Guilty Will recognized the sins against his first marriage, a second marriage is possible,” said Rahner in a quote from Die Zeit.

"Enlightened" Theologian “Prefers Half-empty Churches"

Citing Pope Francis, Rahner sees herself in the tradition of "enlightened Christianity" of the West, for which also always has a “but” for every “Amen”. For without doubt there is no faith. Rahner also sees the emptying churches in Germany in a positive light: “I’d rather have half-empty churches with enlightened Catholics, than full Churches [in Africa and Latin America], exploiting the plight of the people."

"Heritage of the Reformation is a Common Heritage"

  Rahner also criticized the Protestants, that they can not define themselves as before, “without  referring to  Catholicism". At the same time she calls for a rapprochement between Protestants and Catholics, because: "The Heritage of the Reformation is a common heritage. (...) We should emphasize what is common. "

Institutional Equality for Women as a Way to Ordained Ministries

In 2011 Rahner held a presentation at the plenary session of ZdK. (Central German Catholics) In it she explained why the "use of an institutional equality of women perhaps could for the particular importance of the ordained ministry of women is not be negligible for the actual question  - precisely those questions of women in management positions, about  women in finance and decision-making powers , about  women in science and teaching, etc. "Rahner thus presented  the ZdK a strategy plan, which states, in other words: The demand for "institutional equality” of women in the Church is only a forerunner of the “actual" objective, to grasp the ordained ministries for women. The way there, said Rahner, should not be too long and patience should "not be overused, because time is short." So far we have "wasted almost 35 years with the lack of implementation of the preconditions. It is indeed high time,”  said the theological to the  ZdK General Assembly.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / church newspaper (screenshot and assembly)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

It obviously runs in the family.

susan said...

Why do they keep saying "she" in the article?...that's a guy. Ah? Eh? No?

Clinton R. said...

The epitome of nuChurch. How much they hate the Holy Church and her beautiful Mass, traditions and sound doctrine and teaching.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

LMAO Wadda lunatic. She calls the Church, the Bride of Christ, a Chaste Whore.

Would it be wrong for ABS to call her a retarded Doctor?

The subtext of her absurd argument is pure sexism.

ABS would go to her lectures in a heartbeat and respond with raucous laughter. Lunatics hate to b laughed at and the best response is to laugh at their inanities.

O, wouldn't it be great to pelt this petulant porker with German pastries?

Anonymous said...

The next pope???

Rosa said...

Another lesbian...

Anonymous said...

In other kingdoms, such as North Korea, Rahner would be killed along with anyone related to her.

Let us thank God that He is both Human and Divine and that His Kingdom has no end.

I, on the other hand, think someone should teach this "woman" a lesson. The only reason she has no fear is that she has not been punished enough.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Bizzarely, after vii, and with the new-catholic-protestantism, she's right about one thing; in the Roncalii to Bergoglio era 'the reformation' is a 'common' heritage. Makes all that preceded it, neo-Catholically speaking, a bit of a waste.

Rahner said, "I want to open the classical dogma to the outside...' I'm glad the word 'classical' was used, because 'classical Christianity' is none other than Roman Catholicism proper. This 'opening' - aka perfidious obsession with perverting 'classical dogma' with error is so very 'unmetaphysically pacifistic'. Our unholy unfather should be proud.

M. Prodigal said...

And I call for her to go to the Episcopal or Lutheran 'church' where her dreams can be realized and supported because it AIN'T gonna happen in the Roman Catholic Church! She is only CINO anyway.

Damask Rose said...

How, oh how did this woman receive the Chair of Dogmatic Theology? One can only wonder if the German Bishop's Conference will dismiss her.

The Church is a "chaste whore" and "I’d rather have half-empty churches with enlightened Catholics, than full Churches [in Africa and Latin America], exploiting the plight of the people." Really?

Well, was it Prof Tina Beattie of the UK who likened the Mass to a homosexual orgasm - please correct me if I'm wrong.

What is left for these people to say about the Church when they have said all this?

How did the Catholic Church get like this?

Male and female is so, well, almost irreversibly messed up now.

"The Heritage of the Reformation is a common heritage. (...) We should emphasize what is common." Why doesn't she just leave and become a Protestant?

These people seem to have no concept of the Fear of God, or the Five Holy Wounds, the Crown of Thorns, the Scourging of Christ.

I'm so dreading 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

susan said...

"I'm so dreading 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima"

But hey, cheer up!'s also the 500th anniversary of the "reformation", and according to the vatican, we're supposed to be celebrating with them!

Kyrie eleison.