Friday, June 27, 2014

New Spanish King Invites Aberro-Lobby to Palace

(Madrid) Spain's young king forgets God in his coronation speech and is inviting the aberro-associations in the royal palace. Is that the "renewed monarchy for a new era"?
Spain's monarchy has been under attack for more than two centuries. The first time in 1873, the Republic was proclaimed. Monarchists and Republicans have been mutually hostile, but also there is a different monarchist camp. Behind the question of the form of government itself,  deep ideological divisions have opened up between Catholics and Liberals, which was a Popular Front opposed to Catholics, which was drawn between the Liberals and the Communists against the conservatives and  Fascists.  This was followed in 1931 by the Second Republic, the Civil War and 1939, the victory of the Nationalist conservatives.

Monarchical Stability or Republican Captivity?

Francisco Franco made Spain a Catholic Monarchy in 1947, but remained regent himself up to the investiture of a king. To preserve the established anti-Communist order and give it generational   stability, he specified that with his death, Juan Carlos of Bourbon would be King of Spain and the Two Sicilies.
Since the end of Franco's rule, the restored monarchy has fought against strong Republican attacks. In 1981, the king turned against the military coup.. That soothed the opponents.  But they were not made, therefore, into monarchists.  In a democracy, the monarchy remains latent and the threatened king is not only just a prisoner of prevailing currents, as it were, but in a precarious Republican servitude.  This forces the monarchy to act out of self-preservation and to take more and other compromises. Juan Carlos I as he xwas a member of the Club of Rome. Queen Sophia refused during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. in Madrid when receiving Holy Communion. Small gestures, which have addressees.

Coronation speech without any reference to God and Christianity

On June 19, a change of dynasty took place. From Juan Carlos I, his son followed as the second monarch since the restoration of the monarchy. The gestures and speeches of the new king on the throne are an indicator of the current climate in Spain.
King Felipe VI. held a meticulously balanced coronation speech in which he tried the whole "democratic" vocabulary of a Republican president, including some flattery of the Left. The speech was mainly a speech in defense of the monarchy, which already emphasizes its latent frailty. Striking was that throughout the speech, the Catholic Church, the Christian faith and God played no role. You do not belong to a nameable general consensus?
The speech could have been an atheist "Presidente" on his inauguration. It would have been enough to replace the word "monarchy" and all derivations by "Republic". Felipe VI. spoke only of the need for "the recovery of humanistic and ethical values", in any case with the restrictive purpose to speak against any form of "discrimination". In contemporary parlance this can mean a lot, but it's obviously meant as a deep bow to political correctness, as all the events show.

First State Visit to the Pope in Rome

The bishops of Spain were invited to call and welcomed the young king joyfully. You have access to the new monarch, and seems to be content with it. To compensate for the "godless" monarchical "neutrality" of the "renewed monarchy for a new era" led to Felipe's first foreign trip to the Vatican. The head of the Catholic Church has invited the young king to pay his first visit. A policy of gestures. And Felipe VI. pursues it.  continued.

For the First Time Aberrosexual Associations Invited to the Royal Palace

The royal family has organized on the occasion of the accession of a meeting with associations that are active in the social sector. Among those invited were found last Tuesday, the most important LGBT groups in Spain. The aberro-movement has found it's first introduction to the palace on the British model. Under Juan Carlos I it was not given.Is the "renewed monarchy for a new era" adapting to the times?
With the Invitation of King Felipe VI. and Queen Letizia, a clear message of discontinuity is being sent.   With amazing rapidity they responded to media criticism that the young King had spoken in his coronation speech about the whole world, but had not mentioned the homosexuals and their "rights".

"This country has changed,"

because the currently prevailing homo-hype devoted by the media, therefore, gets added acceptance now with the invitation. "We hope that this gesture will be an important step to normalize the situation of part of the citizenry that has been forgotten in the past, and to this day never found support by the heads of state, although it is a highly stigmatized and excluded group," said Rodrigo Boti, president of the Spanish Federation of Lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals (FELGBT). Jose Nunez of Homo Foundation Triangulo also commented:  "A clear sign of development in a royal family that has always been farther away in recent years from its citizens. It must be acknowledged that this country has changed as far as the acceptance of diversity, gender identity and sexual orientation. "

Is Felipe VI. a "Catholic Majesty"?

Is quite different to see Catholic circles in Spain. "The invitation of the Royal Palace, the new King Felipe VI. to the lesbian, gay, transgender and transsexual , is a child of the current decadence and general ideological cultural climate. We hope that Felipe VI. at least has the sense and decency, to renounce his title as 'most Catholic' which the kings of Spain had always received traditionally from the Pope," writes Corrispondenza. Romana wrote.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Corrispondenza Romana

Trans: Tancred


Aged parent said...

Utter madness.

LeonG said...

Spain has changed indeed. large parts of it desertifying; massive numbers unemployed and parts of it going over to increasing numbers of mohametans. What can we expect from the liberal modernist revolution which has protestantised the new church. It even sanctifies what used to be unsanctifiable. Presbyters are entertainers and we now have a total non-papal pope who falls over his words on a daily basis such is his inability to measure his own words. The new church leadership is a group of brainless lunatics who have lost all sensus catholicus.

Anonymous said...

The BofR would approve.

Anonymous said...

there was always a Sacred Ceremony performed when a King or Queen was been crowned ,now its been reduced to a glorified civil servant, calls to mind the last few Popes who did not take the Papal Oath ,are they Popes or simply The Bishop of Rome ?

Anonymous said...

And hardly anyone in the Church blinks an eye. Thank you Vatican II Dignitatis Humanae.

Anonymous said...

The only Royal House that remained loyal to the people of Spain is the the House of David.

What did Jesus do to the Spanish people that made them abandon Him?

He spared them from absolute Muslim domination, and they now follow the ways of Sodom.

Long Live Jesus the Anointed, King of Kings, Emperor of Heaven and Earth!

Dane said...

Nothing like calling down God's wrath upon the nation you are sworn to protect.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pope Francis and bishops requested in order to set up meeting w/Pope.

Damask Rose said...

What can you expect from the new Spanish king if, his father, King Juan Carlos was/is a womaniser and lived his life as an expensive playboy?

Do you think King Juan Carlos prayed the Rosary with his children? How much input into the children's faith did Queen Sophia have? I gather she's lived a disillusioned life for decades.

Guys, you need to wake up,

gwen said...

thanks for this