Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Last Pope-King -- Pope Bergolio’s “New Course” is Not Yet Deciphered

(Rome) "With Francis the papacy came into the shade. The light is all alone for him, the Pope. Not for the institution, but Sfor the person.” With these words, the Vatican expert Sandro Magister begins his recent article in the weekly magazine L'Espresso , the Italian Mirror for Double Saints last Sunday.
"From the Church canons he feels free. He feels himself free from the canonical norms. In just one year he has already suspended six times the ironclad rule that demands a new miracle before a blessed may be proclaimed a saint. John XXIII is the last of the six. Francis wanted at all costs that John Paul II should be canonized not on his own but balanced by another pope with a different profile, less combative, more merciful. "

Francis Wanted to Avoid the  Exclusive Canonization of John Paul II at all Costs

Last Sunday the double canonization was intended by Francis  because he ascended the Chair of Peter too late to slow down the canonization of John Paul II.  "The Congregation for the Causes of Saints, bent its knees his will and pretended it had asked Francis for an exception that was benevolnetly  granted immediately."
A simulated perversion of facts, which was accepted, thus, because the Pope demanded. "In addition Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who still figures as president of the Italian episcopal conference, has asked Francis that it be he, the pope, who delivers the inaugural discourse to the plenary assembly of the bishops to be held in May, something no pontiff has ever done."

Francis Sets Will Through

At the Cardinal's request is what was said in the official press release, it  then came to the prompt readiness of the Holy Father, who announced to have harbored the same intention’. Really. For over a month we knew that Francis had already decided to make the speech.
Since he is pope, which is Italian Episcopal Conference solidifies and falls silent. Francis asked the Italian bishops that they notify him whether they want to continue to have the Pope as nominal president of the Bishops Conference or would like to choose these freely from their ranks, as in the other countries. In reality,  the Pope’s engagement  of the Italian Bishops' Conference is the living contradiction of the decentralization and “democratization” of the Church allegedly pursued by Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Francis Holds the Italian Episcopal Conference More Firmly Than Previous Popes

Pope Francis has the Italian Bishops Conference more  firmly in his grasp  than all the popes before him. The real authority in the bishops' conference is now its general secretary Bishop Nunzio Galatino Cassano all'Jonio. But the real authority behind this is Pope Francis, who raised Galatino into office and monitors each of his decisions.
The Galatino's first official act after his audience with Pope Francis was the dismissal of the former media officer of the Italian Bishops' Conference , Dino Boffo, who  had been hired by Cardinal Camillo Ruini. Boffo was chief editor of the daily newspaper of the Episcopal Conference "Avvenire" and for three years editor of TV2000, the television station of the bishops with a significantly increasing number of spectators. [Sorry, you’re too successful.?]

Media Work of the Bishops' Conference for Months without Leadership

That was on the 14th of February, so for more than two months. Since then, the entire communication channel of the Episcopal Conference was not controlled without giving word for  a reason for the dismissal of Boffo.
If on instead focuses attention within the Vatican walls, one finds there are still figures with full honors in the saddle that would have been sealed in every  other company long ago.

Advisor to the Pope and the Vatican Bank

These include the members of the Supervisory Board of the Vatican Bank IOR, in other words, the Gang of Four, which brutally sacked the then President of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi  on 24 May 2012.
Not only that Pope Francis followed the advice of the four and ensured the continued existence of the Vatican Bank, although he had repeatedly indicated its dissolution in the previous months. The Pope leaves the Vatican Bank to work as the four want.
The new course of Pope Bergoglio is still not deciphered yet.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Settimo Cielo
Trans: Tancred
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Catholic Mission said...

What about the Diocese of Lancaster ?

Diocese of Lancaster is suppressing information about the Catholic Church and misrepresenting Vatican Council II

Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster closes Protect the Pope news service and forum

Anonymous said...

We certainly know the agenda of this Pope Francis, and it is not Catholic.

Just this week, he intervened and apparently canceled the investigations being done by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith against an Irish Marist priest who is a liberal dissenter. IN other words, rather than protect the Catholic Faith, this Pope Bergoglio sided with the dissenter.

The radicals and dissenters in the Church and celebrating and applauding this recent action. Meanwhile, traditional and orthodox Catholics suffer.

I read that priestly vocations are going down again, after a 20+ slow upsurge under John Paul II and especially Benedict XVI. One year into the term of Francis, and the declines are accelerating.

Let us hope his term is very short....shorter than that of Saint John XXIII.....who, regardless of with the liberals think....would not have been pleased with what came form Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

I feel very badly for Saint John XXIII in Heaven. Firstly, I do not think he would be happy with his new status, because it was not done according to the rules, and he had always been a stickler for perfection.
Secondly, I think that Saint John XXIII would be very, very disappointed and even disgusted with the state of the Church since Vatican II, because what it has become was NOT his intention.
When he stated that he wanted ancient truths presented in a modern way....he certainly did not mean wrecking the Church and discarding tradition in order to do so.
In 1960, John XXIII officiated what was called "The Roman Synod". It was a "mini-Council" for the Diocese of Rome. John XXIII saw it as a practice run for Vatican II. The results of it were roundly condemned by radicals and progressives and liberals around the world, because it re-enforced traditional Catholicism.
Any tampering with the Mass (introducing the vernacular, or unauthorized prayers...which WAS being done), were banned.
Monastic tonsure in Rome (which was falling into some decline), was re-inforced and mandated as obligatory.
Seminaries were cleansed of liberal professors, and a re-emphasis on Catholic devotional tradition was fostered.
John XXIII went all out to wear elaborate Papal vestments. He was very enthusiastic for the "Baroque" style of liturgy....this included music, vestments, trappings, décor.
He was against condemnations, but he was not a wimpish accommodator either. He had many friends who were Protestants, but that did not mean he would ever consider visiting their "churches", or considering them equals.
He had great sympathy and support for the Jews, but would never deny Jesus as the Messiah for them as well.
He had respect for other religions, including non-Christian, but that does not mean he was against winning souls for the Church in the traditional manner of conversions.
John XXIII once said of the elaborate Papal vesture and ceremonies " The more, the better". But he hated the Sedia Gestatoria for only one reason, and one only. Hee was an old man and he had a deathly fear of being pulled from the chair by over-enthusiastic crowds. Also the swaying of the Papal chair made him nauseous..
So, I would feel sorry for the new Saint John XXIII. I don't think he would appreciate what was done by this Pope Francis on his behalf, and I think John XXIII would be deeply saddened by everything that came from Vatican II......especially regarding the Mass, which he loved.