Friday, May 9, 2014

In 2014 Joan d'Arc is Burnt at the Stake Again -- In the Past for Heresy, Today "Homophobia"

(Paris) The  585th year of the Feast  of Jeanne d'Arc,   will be commemorated in Orleans. The 17 year-old girl who was chosen this year to represent the Holy and great figure of French national history,  was   pilloried  due to "Homophobia"  because she  thinks  the civil rights movement Manif pour tous is cool. In 2014 there has been  a case made in Orleans against  Johanna. There were no longer  Englishmen raising the pretext of heresy, but their French compatriots under the pretext of homophobia.
The Feast is celebrated from 29 April to 9 May  in Orleans for  the 585th  anniversary of its liberation by Jeanne d' Arc this year. The young girl had  raised the resistance of France by divine inspiration and even led and freed Orléans in 1429 from the English. By these same, she was later accused of "heresy", sentenced to death by a kangaroo Court and burned at the stake in innocence.  In 1920 she was canonized by the Catholic Church.
Medieval balls and historical parades which are held annually to commemorate the liberation of the liberation  where each year  the Saint is represented by a 17 year old girl from the city. In 2014 Félicité Lemaire de Marne was chosen.

Boycott and Jacobean Inquisition

The Festival, which has its highlights on May 8 and 9, was however overshadowed by fierce accusations this year.  The young practising Catholic Félicité was accused of "homophobia".    Christophe de sport Guilloux, the Socialist representative in parliament and member of the group HES (Homosexuality and Socialism) published on the 6th of May, the article: "why I will boycott the Joan of Arc 2014". The enraged de sport Guilloux cited as reason, because the civil rights movement Manif pour tous and the Veilleurs were found on the 17 year old's Facebook page   under their "Favorites". Both movements have arisen from the resistance of the Socialist law to legalize the "gay marriage" in France.
The member therefore accused the girl of "homophobia". It was "unacceptable" for the role of Jeanne d ' arc, because she "represents all citizens of Orleans", says the Socialist. The 17-year-old, who has been denounced, tried to defend herself: "I am neither homophobic nor hostile to the Government. But I have my beliefs."

The New Case and the Apology

But the Inquisition considers  these words were insufficient. Rather than bring peace in the matter, there were increasing attacks. Politicians and homosexual associations blustered, and threatened the mobilization of self-proclaimed 'civil society'  and the media stood outside the door of the student, who didn't know how it came to pass.
At the end, there was pressure from the Organizing Committee that got cold feet. They did not wish to  become embroiled in a "political conflict", it concerns a  "Feast", it was said. Finally Félicité  deleted Manif pour tous and other "suspicious" groups from her Favorites list. But that was not enough for  the modern Jacobins. The girl had to cede to the pillory and a public statement with a mea culpa, that she had been "reckless".
Modern "tolerance" has no culture,   because it wants to celebrate the feast of a Catholic Saint, but promotes anti-Catholicism. And it is unrelenting and as old as the saying goes: if you're not willing, I'll make you...
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred


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O Sons of France, gird up thy loins and arise, for now is the chance to fight for thine Eternal and Sovereign King, Jesus Christ who though He reigns in Heavens, suffer with thee upon the hallowed Rood!; Now is the time to destroy the works of the Obscurer, the Deceiver who calls himself "Light" but is the destroyer of souls! Instead, praise the Sun of Righteousness in All His Glory, and fight until the last breath for Greater Glory!

Saint Joan of Arc, Holy Maid of Orleans, pray for us!

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Tant pis pour les choux.

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Je suis d'accord.

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