Tuesday, May 13, 2014

11 Year Old Christian Girl Raped for Three Days -- Two Muslims Arrested

(Islamabad)  An 11 year old Christian girl, Maria Sarfraz was kidnapped and raped for three days by several men.  In the meantime, two Muslims were arrested as alleged perpetrators Since then, the family of the victim and the other Christian families have been  menaced with arson attacks and death threats.
As the Pakistan Christian Post reported, Maria Sarfraz was abducted from Sheikhupura in Punjab on the way to school. In another city, the abducted girl was held captive and repeatedly raped by several men. After the girl's father, Andrew Sarfaz, had reported her as a  missing person to the police, the girl was  located on April 28 and   liberated.

Raped for Three Days

According to medical opinion, Mary was raped for three days by different men. The police arrested two Muslims, Muhammad Safdar and Muhammad Mehoob on suspicion of kidnapping and rape. Friends of the men have been putting pressure on the victim’s familyand other Christian families of Sheikhupura in the meantime. That if they do not withdraw the accusation, the homes of Christians would be burned down.
According to the latest report of the Pakistan Movement for Solidarity and Peace, every year more than 700 Christian and 300 Hindu girls and women abducted, forcibly Islamized and forced to marry a Muslim in Pakistan. Since the police and judiciary are unable or unwilling to take action against the perpetrators, most will not be held accountable. For this reason there is always a new kidnapping because the perpetrators feel safe.

Due to Inaction of the Police and Justice There Are Always New Cases

Initially  in April, a group of Muslim men in Mally ki  in Sialkot district (Punjab) raped a   Christian girl  who was only 7 years old.  The girl survived, but is seriously injured. The police did not arrest the perpetrators but supported them in the abduction of Iqbal Masih, the father of the rape victim, "to force the family to withdraw the accusation," said the Pakistan Christian Post .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

The only Christian, and charitable thing to do is to launch a military crusade and to destroy every mosque and kill every Muslim who would not repent of their sins in Pakistan. Yes, it is charitable, as charitable as Christ chasing out the wicked men from the Temple. For indeed, this violent act conveniently ignored or downplayed by effeminate Western Christians is a loving act done to people who would otherwise carry on with their ways- the least He could do is show them the wrath of God, and the most He has done is that He has given His life for us, even for those whom people would nowadays consider "victims" of Christ's righteous indignation.

Yes, destroy all mosques, burn all blasphemous texts of the Moslems who refuse to acknowledge the divinity of Our Lord, and to rescue and defend the innocent, and kill those who pose violence against Christendom and those who lend an ear upon the Truth. For indeed, killing for the sake of righteousness is not murder at all, but an obligation to all baptized who have the ability to bear arms and protect those who must be protected.

Islam is evil. It must be exterminated, and those who act on its behalf must either be converted or killed. It has historical precedence, and it is inevitable. The alternative is to do nothing, lament, pray that Christ will send His angels, and wonder why Christ has done nothing. Christ has already done everything, it is our turn to act in His service, for if you cannot see Christ in this raped child, if you cannot feel indignation over this injustice, then dare we hope that Christ is indeed Lord, and not a convenient doormat we wipe our feet on and ignore?

Anonymous said...

It is false compassion to allow evil to exist and to not strive against it and cover it with the intention of following Christ's example of extreme humility as He was to enter His Passion and Crucifixion.

It is right to meet injustice with justice, for God is Love, from His Love comes His Mercy, from His Mercy comes His Justice, and from His Justice comes His Severity. It is not just, and it is ungodly to let the innocent suffer, to allow the wicked to meet no opposition, to behave cowardly and ascribe such a behavior to Our Lord.

Our Lord was not a coward, nor did He raise His arm against His persecutors, but indeed He promises justice to them and to those who follow Him. Can we not say that casting the wicked into Gehenna is just and merciful? Can we not say that His judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah, which involved children and women and the elderly, a just and merciful judgement? What about His command to destroy the Canaanites and other idolaters for the sake of His people? It was and is just! And so, with the latter day Sodom and Gomorrah, with the latter day infidels and heathens, why is God suddenly filled with false compassion? Why would we say that the God of the Apostles, the Father of Jesus, and Jesus Himself is the same and equal as the "god" of these rapists?

Unknown said...

I wish I could say that I agree with all you say. Sad that the modernist heretics that have infested the Church, Islamists and Jews have taken away our freedom to speak. Only these three groups have the freedom to say and do whatever they want. Rome, in the year 2000 said all the Fatima prophecies have been fulfilled, except for one. That being the annhialation of various nations. I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Pray for the poor kidnapped girls in Nigeria who are probably suffering the same cruel fate. JMJ

Anonymous said...

Yes, Our Lady said things to those children at Fatima. Yet usually, what I see are communities wasting time about the secret of Fatima. Whatever the secret says, let God's will be done, if it has been released, or if it will forever be kept from us. Let us not waste time, is what I am saying.

See, everyone of us here have less than 100 years to live, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Are we going to pass time over a secret that was revealed, but some say not revealed, when we all know the ultimate fate of mankind- that is, to be judged by God, to receive a just and eternal punishment for rejecting the Eternal and Almighty God, or a just and eternal life in the presence of the same God.

Meanwhile, Christians are being killed in the name of Islam or some other satanic movement because those Christians belong to Christ. I don't know about you, but I feel ashamed when these people are in the front lines of the Faith, and we're wasting time over who said what in which blog about something that we really can't know anything about for certain.

It is a "First World Problem" because I don't think the first thing these holy people in India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, and elsewhere are thinking, when they are being beheaded, being raped, being tortured, and having their homes, churches, and businesses on fire is what many Western traditionalists love to talk about on blogs. Yes, it is important, but there are more important things, more urgent things, and life is too short to ignore them, and many priests and bishops are either in the dark, afraid to act, doubtful, apostate, apathetic, or invested in something.

So, what are we going to do, debate about finer points of liturgy, accuse Pope Francis of being a modernist heretic, fume about homosexuals protesting one thing or another, or... Actually formulate a plan to bring down the works of Satan blatantly manifesting themselves like in the case of this girl?

I do not care if I am attacked by people in this blog because I dare criticize their hobby horse, but please excuse me while I prepare for battle and pray the rosary.

Unknown said...

What I wrote was veiled in what I was really trying to say, I agree with your comments here. I am surprised that this, my favorite site allows us to make our views known. Without erasing them and being told not to write in such a manner. This site is not one of those warm and fuzzy, false compassion, false charity, false mercy sites. We are actually being allowed to speak the truth as we believe it. If you thought I was attacking you, I was not. When I wrote about the prophecy of the total destruction of nations, those words "I wonder?" was to say I wonder if the nations to be destroyed by God's wrath are not the Muslim nations that have made our world miserable. "prepare for battle"??? We must not prepare, we must be battling at every moment by making the offering Our Lady asked of the children on May 13, 1917, "Are you willing to offer yourselves as a sacrifice to God in reparation for sins committed against him and for the conversion of poor sinners?". The children were instructed to make everything they do a sacrifice. So there is no preparation time, the battle must be fought even in our very sleep. Let us offer to God as a sacrifice even in sleep each heartbeat as an act of pleading for God's mercy for ourselves and all mankind.