Thursday, November 28, 2013

Argentine Catholics Defend Cathedral From Feminist Attack -- Pope Francis Burned in Effigy

Edit: the videos are horrific.  Our subtitle would read, "The Rage of Sodom".

(Buenos Aires) Under the name of National Women's Meeting radical Church opponents, women as well as men stormed a Catholic church.

From the 23rd-25th November, in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, the feminist-leftist 28 Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres took place. Hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates, other feminists and their male peers bellowed noisy and anti-Catholic slogans drawing through the city. Over the past few years, these extremist gatherings have degenerated into violent attacks against Catholic institutions. The feminist hordes  have descended for years especially on Catholic churches.

Because Church-hostile feminists wanted to storm the church, 1500 young Catholics formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist)to prevent about 7000 antagonists from storming the Archdiocesan Church. Catholic institutions were daubed with slogans such as "Burn the Churches Down" or "Fire the Churches." The courageous Catholics, who though hemmed in, opposed the vile mob by praying, were insulted with slogans not reproducible here.

In the reports of young Catholics who defended the Church, according to their impression, it was a "satanic attack" "demonic figures repeatedly" are seen as part of an "anti-Christian world revolution." In one place the extremists lit a big fire and burned Pope Francis in effigy, as they danced around the fire.

Also, Pagina Catolica had called in advance to defend the Cathedral of San Juan. The same Catholic Internet initiative, which had asked for protest against the profanation of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires by a syncretistic Jewish-interfaith "memorial liturgy". In a statement describing the feminist aggression Pagina Catolica wrote: "On the other hand, we are aware: Even if the desecration of the church in San Juan could be prevented this time, we must not forget that it is the cathedral recently had not fared well when she was profaned, with the approval of Archbishop Alfonso Delgado, allowed celebration of a memorial liturgy for Kristallnacht 'on 12 November."

For incomprehensible urge of some Argentine bishops to host syncretic "commemorative liturgies" because of the Kristallnacht of 1938 in the German Reich, see separate reports: Young Catholics protest against "misuse" of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires for Jewish "commemorative liturgy" and the report of an alleged, but never confirmed by Rome, the "condemned" of young Catholics by Pope Francis, Pope Francis Condemned the Catholic Protest Against Syncretistic "Commemorative Liturgy" in Buenos Aires? A Riddle.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Pagina Catolica
Trans: Tancred

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

God bless those young men for staying faithful and prayerful in the face of the downright satanic attacks on their persons.

Anonymous said...

...a true image of hell. Why can't the police form a barrier to protect the men? I am shocked that something like that is allowed to take place.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

1500 Men, each a hero!!! May God continue to bless and strengthen each of them and their families. May their humility and courage change the hearts of those souls steeped in sin.

Aged parent said...

To read about these clearly diabolic manifestations is one thing; to see it, on video, is quite another. To have actually witnessed it would tax the bravest of souls.

To all you priests, nuns, Bishops and, alas, Popes who have sat on their tuffets for the past 50 years while the world sank lower into diabolism, and refused to call a sin a sin, or a mortal sin a mortal sin, this is what happens. By your silence you have brought this on.

But perhaps if you watch this, dear clergy, you will be shaken into action.

I trust His Holiness will view this. It is indeed a wake-up call.

Joseph said...

Can we please canonize these men? Like really, they can be up there with the Saints who lived, and in some cases, died.for the faith.

Truly, this is what happens when the devil uses the falsehoods of secularism and relativism to attack the Church.

God bless the Catholic Church

Unknown said...

These men should not be assaulted like this. Where are the police?? Every right minded person in Argentina should be onto them, they pay their wages and then they dont turn up when they are assaulted on the street. They have the video evidence here, theses women should be prosecuted , they wont be so smart in jail.

Anonymous said...

When I look at these manifestations of evil I just think of what Jesus told about the prosecution which is to take place at the end of times. I am really affraid that this is really beginning, dear Sisters and Brothers. We must be strong in our faith not to surrender but to keep close to Christ like those brave young men. God, be merciful and help us when it comes upon us!

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm atheist myself, but I deeply admire the courage and dignity of the defendants. Salute to you, brave Catholics. I might not share your faith, but if such events occured in my country, I'd do my best to stand ground among you. You're representing civilization, dignity and honesty againt the barbarians of our times.

Anne said...

Has Pope Francis said anything about this or did he phone any of these young men to support them in defending their faith in his own country ? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Love and Obedience to Almighty God; Vs. Politics and diabolical Ideologies!

What is most difficult however, for any God fearing person to fathom, is the acceptance of a Political Agenda or Ideology, so vile, corrupt, and diabolical, as too intentionally support the torture, dismemberment, and killing, of such a helpless child in the womb, for a lousy vote.
A vote that would truly be dripping in the blood of innocense.
Vote for me they say; and I will pledge to you my undying, "Pro-Choice" support on your behalf. They say this very delicately don't they? In a most refined manner, so as not to appear heartless.
Much like Hitler's Third Reich, when they decided it would be far better for them to advance their diabolical ideologies, by using a less alarming euphemism to disguise the true nature of their intended crimes by adopting the phrase, the "Final Solution" to the (Jewish Question) in reference to their plan to annihilate the Jewish people.
It is hard to believe that the word "Solution" could so easily mask the word "Annihilation" but for their diabolical purpose, it was a much less disquieting word wasn't it, and more polished.

So too are the words, "If you vote for me, I will provide whatever funding is necessary for correcting your unwanted pregnancy.
Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Cuomo, Reid, they all lead the pack when it comes to Democratic Politicians willing to sacrifice the lives of others, the lives of innocent and helpless babies in the womb for a lousy vote.
They are more than willing to sell their very soul for a moment of fading glory and power. Please pray for these lost souls, that they will be receptive to God's grace to repent before they die.
If the HHS mandate in Obama care continues unchallenged; as a nation we will seal our own fate and be doomed; in much the same manner as ancient Rome.
"This is not a "Separation of Church and State" issue. This is a violation of our First Amendment Religious Liberty Rights, being trampled by our President, and the Democratic Party trying to separate us; not only from our "Churches" but from the inviolability Right of Religious Freedom to live our faith in worship, love, and service to Almighty God; without infringement.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, your Love and Obedience to Almighty God; and his Commandments, must be greater than any enthusiasm you may have for any Politician or Political Party that would adopt such a horrible agenda, lest we all perish as a nation.
This heartless carnage and death of innocent babies cries out to Almighty God; for justice, and has reached enormous proportions, which are now greater in number than that of Hitler's Holocaust?
(Isaiah 5:20)
"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil".

Lee County Florida Sheriff John McDougall (Ret,)

Tancred said...

Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

These attackers and promoters of child killing are obviously posessed by demons. They really have no place in the civilized world and should have been immediately arrested and taken to prisons and insane asylums.

Long-Skirts said...




Fifteen hundred

Solid men

Faced the gates

Of Hell and then

Faced the dogs

Who eat their vomit

With chain-linked Rosaries

A grace-ringed grommet

Protecting Holy

Mother’s portal

Their deed will ever

Be immortal

Fifteen hundred

Rosaries prayed

As cursing curs

Their hate displayed

Dog-like flesh

Eating mammals

She hyenas

Cud-chew camels

Five thousand mongrels


Diablo’s dames

Sex slaves reliath

But fifteen hundred

Solid men

Each decade prayed

Were stones of ten

Aimed at half-bloods

Like David before

Each Ave slung

Gainst hellion’s whore

Fifteen hundred

Solid men

“As it was in the beginning,

Is now…” Amen!!

Unknown said...

God bless those young people who protected our Catholic Church and i think that every of us would,if we were there,fight with those devils but these young mens were just prying and that will be another reason for them to go to heaven when they die

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder what these heathens dreamed once they were home, asleep and the demons left them. They saw themselves as dogs(bitches in heat) throwing themselves at the feet of a great light that withstood them.

Anonymous said...

As in the days of NOAH! Stay strong and get ready! His time is close at hand. Love thy GOD with all thy heart mind and soul and love thy neighbor as thy self. The turn on Christianity has been kicked into hyper drive.

Anonymous said...

My heart broke as I watched these women disgrace themselves in a way that my mind cannot truly comprehend. Their evil desire to murder helpless, innocent babies led them to your bible people as we are just seeing the beginning of real evil, unlike anything we can imagine, being unleash on every man, woman and child! May the young men in this video forever be known as true soldiers of God! Only God could give them the strength to resist responding with their own murderous rage, which I am sure some felt as I did just being an observer! I am trying to pray for these women but right now that feels like praying for soul of Lucifer himself...I only pray that know the true meaning of God's love and if not then may God show them no mercy as they are tossed into the pits of Hell!

Anonymous said...

These so called women, are to be called beasts. Using this to spit on these men an have sex on the street is abhorrent.and then casual sex leads to pregnancy so... They need an abortion.DISGUSTING Bitches

Anonymous said...

why was there no Women to stand with the Men?

Anonymous said...

That was my reaction. Shame and pity for those who disgraced themselves because they were possessed by the Devil. Poor people!

Anonymous said...

Some tasks are meant for men only. Women don't need to be everywhere at all times for all things. There are roles for each and this role was for the male children of Mary.

Anonymous said...

Maybe His Humbleness should have been there "among the people". Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

One day they will arrive at that burning doorway, and satan will say, "Great job; thank you very much." And then, much to their surprise, he will throw them into the lake of fire.

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Anonymous said...

Zdravím z Prahy (Czech Republic) ! je to hnus, co předvádí tzv. feministky. Církev je hráz proti bezbožnostem ! To by svět vypadal, kdyby ho ovládli feministky, lesby a homosexuálové !!!!! V takovém světě bych nechtěl žít.

Anonymous said...

A clear case of "mob mentality", I am fairly certtain that most of these people would not have behaved in this manner as individuals. People will behave in shocking and disgusting ways when they get caught up in a mob action. We know that throughout history people (be they atheists, pagans, Christians,or any other stripe of humanity) have committed multitudes of atrocities when they get caught up in these mobs. Indeed, Christians murdered Hypatia and burned down the Great Library of Alexandria, millions were complicit in the Holocaust, and the atrocities committed during the French Revolution make me shudder. Let us neither forget the Spanish Inquisition and the evil acts comitted in the name of God. I am not defending nor justifying the disgraceful behavior shown here, I merely point out that all people, regardless of creed or country, have engaged insuch behavior at one time or another. As Christ Himself said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" It is easy to demonize others (especially when their actions are truly demonic), but I feel more pity than anything else for those who allow themselves to fall prey to base instincts and justify their actions by bringing to mind what their ideological opponents have done in the past. The young men defending the Church did the right think by peacefully defending their place of worship, they are to be applauded and should be an example of how Christ would have his followers behave. Women have been oppressed and there are many grave errors that need to be corrected, but I fear that by behaving in such a dispicable manner they have done more to hurt their own cause than they can possibly imagine. I believe that I would agree with many of their grievances if they presented them in a calm and intelligent manner but I cannot condone their actions. Nor will I condone the behavior of reactionaries who perpetrate the cycle of violence. The slogan "What Would Jesus Do" has become very popular in recent years, although an insufficient number of people actually apply the wisdom implicit in that question. The young men defending the Church really did apply this idea faithfully and honestly-- they should be praised by all, and not just Christians but anyone who wants to build a better world.

Unknown said...

Mob mentality. They give PRO-CHOICE a bad name. But you cannot murder what ain't born yet.