Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Did the Holy Father Really Say to World Jewish Congress Leaders -- Violent Polemics in Poland

(Warsaw) The Jewish-friendly words that Pope Francis said on Monday to the Chairman of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) , who was also appreciative of this praise, is cause for violent polemics in Poland. The official statement from the Vatican about the audience granted by the Pope to the highest leadership of the WJC, and the official statement of the WJC did not meet with overall approval.
While the Vatican did not mention it, it was in the WJC statement that had been discussed  concerning Jewish affairs in Europe. In this context it came to Kosher  laws of ritual slaughter and the ban on circumcision that have been complained against by the most prominent and influential Jewish organization as "anti-Jewish". The WJC told the Pope of a "new anti-Semitism" and described in this context, Poland. A connection that offends many Poles and even Polish Church  circles.

"Special order" for Cardinal Koch in Poland? - Papal solidarity with Jews Meeting Criticism

More so the criticism  was concerned that Pope Francis, did not defend the Poles, but that he should affirm the Jewish criticism. The WJC statement said that the Pope had shown himself "concerned" about  ritual slaughter and Cardinal Koch, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity was commissioned  "to investigate" the mattter and within the convene a special meeting next week.
The papal "solidarity" with Jews and papal "investigations" against Poland have caused a significant storm in the Polish press. In the media the Pope's  statement  is referred to as "inappropriate". The tone of criticism is, however, significantly immoderate in its choice of words. On the streets you can hear violent statements in a mixture of disappointment, misunderstanding and outrage. A woman in Krakow  of about 40 is visibly upset about the question of the papal statement, who offers the counter-question:  "Will the Pope not defend us? We are Catholics. Why is he defending the Jews who deny Christ?" The surrounding women, who come straight from their shopping, concur with her.

Vatican spokesman Lombardi Denies the World Jewish Congress

Meanwhile, is was also reported in the Jerusalem Post . On Tuesday, the matter  appeared in the daily meetings of Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi where it was discussed with journalists. Lombardi was forced to correct the statement of the World Jewish Congress. "There is no particular order of the Pope to Cardinal Koch regarding the rules for animal slaughter in Poland,"  said the Vatican spokesman.
The conflict over Jewish ritual slaughter had broken out in Poland, after the Constitutional Court had been called to  determine the method unconstitutional because of animal cruelty. It sparked violent protests by Jewish organizations in Europe and at the international level. The Jewish organizations spoke of a "devastating impact on religious freedom".

Polish Parliament Rejected a Special Permit for Jewish Ritual Slaughter

Recently  the Polish majority in Parliament rejected a bill from the bourgeois-liberal government that would allow the Jewish ritual slaughter again. The government based this decision one one taken by the EU policy in January  that allowed the Jews ritual slaughter. Israel, too, has been active in diplomatic parquet and described the Polish ban on ritual slaughter as "totally unacceptable".
The reactions of  Jewish organizations did not impress the Polish majority. The solidarity of the Pope had, however, not  been expected in Poland. Accordingly, most of the discussions are vigorously concerned with a little "Who done It," as to what Pope Francis had really told the delegation of the WJC.
The controversy also coincides with the accreditation of the new Polish Ambassador to the Holy See. Piotr Nowina-Konopka, will pay his first official visit to the Pope on Monday.

The Close Proximity of the Argentine Pope to Judaism

The Polish reactions takes the friendship and closeness to the Pope of Argentine Jews into the public spotlight. With the rabbi of Buenos Aires, the then Archbishop Bergoglio an interview book. The hospitality he gave Jewish organizations, including the Masonic B'nai B'rith,  in Catholic churches, was not without controversy even before his election as Pope in Catholic circles in Argentina. Even as Pope his audiences for Jewish leaders or representatives of Jewish organizations and his messages to the Jewish religion and to the Jewish Community in Rome is recognized this particular area. At a reception for high WJC representatives in June Francis Pope had said: "Because of the common roots  a Christian can not be an anti-Semite." On Monday, he reiterated this statement and added that a Christian to be a "good Christian" who has to understand Jewish history and tradition. [Never mind that most Catholics, even in Buenos Aires, don't know aught about Catholicism.]
In Poland, these statements are now being discussed and partly criticized. Although the intention of the June statement was clear, the choice of words, was yet inappropriate, because what is the name of "anti-Semite" exactly. The Monday Statement is ambiguous, because what was meant by "Jewish history and tradition." Jewish history and tradition of the Old Testament or today? Why must a person, to be a good Christian, know the history and traditions of the Jews after the birth of Christ?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: traditions catholica
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com 


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

There is no connection between Catholics and Rabbinical Judaism which formed after Titus destroyed the City of Deicide in 70 A.D.

Rabbinical Judaism was formed with the intent to oppose the one true Church established by Jesus and nothing has changed since 70 A.D. except that since the V2 the Catholic Church thinks its enemy is now its friend.

Polish Catholics have every right to be angry over such treatment and the anti semitic accusation has lost its stung over the years due to its ever=expanding definition and its insane overuse.

Joe Sobran was right when he observed that anti semitism used to refer to those who hated Jews but it now refers to those the Jews hate.

I would love it if someone asked the Pope what he thought of Luke 19:27

CJ said...

wow. Hammer hits nail on head with first strike in every single paragraph.


Anonymous said...

To borrow a phrase, Today we are all Catholic Polanders.

Anonymous said...

What Jews don't get, why, pride and perfidy, is that they are still first. First in rejecting Jesus Christ come in their very midst. First in Jesus Christ condemned to death in their very midst. First in running away from The Resurrection of Jesus Christ their Messiah in their very midst. First in continuing to disobey and challenge God's word through pride and perfidy. Thus the Gospel of God through Jesus Christ told them that they will be the First to be judged and that the First will now be last and the Nations
who had been the last and now received Him and believed in Him with those Jews who received and believed on Him will now be First in the generations. The prideful perfidious continue in disobedience and dishonor to the Name of The Lord and will not enter in. Catholics who falsify God's word to satisfy the worldly desires of sinners and deniers, too are disobedient and dishonor The Name of The Lord and will not enter in.

Anonymous said...

After Fr. Lombardi's statement I guess the Jewish Press will be saying that this will set back Jewish-Vatican relations a decade or two. If all these set-backs continue we'll be back
where we started.

Anonymous said...

Does learning about Jewish history include the blasphemies against our Lord and Lady in the Talmud?

Anonymous said...

Well certainly the Popes of these modern times know. Really
how could they not? As not Spartacus said, rabbinical/Talmudic Judaism was founded to oppose the Church
and continues in the same "light" -darkness-. This and all the lies that are rooted in the Sensus Judaic are Against the Church. Why have the Popes decided that these destructive people must be indulged and deferred to. Holocaust Theology does not require or warrant indulging in it. Scholarly men were capable of designing a different method to continue in the truth and mission in the Church post holocaust. But instead... Why?

Anonymous said...

He isn't a pope because he apostatized (= completely abandoned Christian faith) by praising non-Christian religions.

Tancred said...

You should get your own religion going there. Martin Luther did.

Anonymous said...

I am not Anonymous. This I claim in honor of I am not Spartacus.
I am the other Anonymous. I do not Say he is not... neither
they were not... But in one document from Pope Leo XIII he said that by heresy a Pope renders self excommunication.

Anonymous said...

It all turned out very badly concerning Luther.
And this is in no way a defense of his name. But I need not remind you that a couple of the protests seemed grounded in sins within Rome. One protest was against the contemporary sin of simony. One was in protest of contemporary innovations i.e. modernism.

Tancred said...

If you say so.

Anonymous said...

Tancred I think you and I and many Catholics are alike. Engaging in continual polemics but always stopping short of
the Do Not Cross Line. I feel bad for some who are accused as sedevacantists but are not.

Tancred said...

I believe institutions are there for a reason, and I don't believe people are as nefarious as we'd sometimes like them to be, but there are people, in high places, who should really be doing something else besides running things.

Anonymous said...

Tancred, I agree fully those three points you stated.
But we all need to caution ourselves against slipping to hypocricy. Ourselves engaging in continuous opinionating but judging some as apostate whose opinions are in fact very close to our own. But I sometimes take it almost personally because think of a handful who have been marginalized and even shunned when they've done nothing but keep The Faith and teach The Faith. That fact is a loud and clear signal that The Faith is suffering and continuing to slip away. They have been very inconvenient to the new changing faith. A friend in The Faith,

Anonymous said...

There they go again....exaggerating.