Monday, September 9, 2013

Leader of the Dissidents Appointed General Secretary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate

(Rome) The Apostolic Commissioner for the Franciscans of the Immaculate has appointed Father Alfonso Bruno as the new Secretary General of the Order. With this he has completed the first step toward rebuilding the traditional Order, as the historian Roberto de Mattei feared he would, as the decision of the Congregation of Religion became known to the faithful and growing Order placed under the coming under provisional administration.

Father Fidenzio Volpi, OFM Cap was the Commissioner appointed by the Holy See, with the sole power of decision, made Father Alfonso Bruno to his right hand and highest representative of the Order on the 5th of September. The new Secretary General immediately sent a statement to all the brothers of the Order, as he announced himself, that it is the responsibility of the Secretary, the Commissioner to help "the members of the Order and to the outside" help, "to handle all correspondence sent by the Apostolic Commissione, to publish all of the minutes of meetings set by the Apostolic Commissioner, to manage the General Archives of the Order and to update the statistics. The General Secretary shall act as the sole spokesman of the Order during the period of provisional administration."

The Neapolitan Father Alfonso Bruno is 44 years old. Until July 2013, he was the head of the media office of the Order and was mainly related to some incidents there. He was responsible of his website of the Order which published some dubious articles by Mario Castellano, where it praised the government of Mario Monti and the Eurokratenstaat EU. The same Castellano is close to Father Bruno, was known elsewhere through his articles in favor of Islam and for the construction of mosques in Europe.

While the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception actively supported March for Life in Italy and marched in it as an Order, was deathly silent in both 2012 and 2013.

The website recently published an exuberant praise of the Jesuit Paolo Dall'Oglio, who was kidnapped on 27 July 2013 by Islamists in Syria. Dall'Oglio, was murdered by Jihadists according to the report of an Arabic website on the 12th of August, but could be neither officially confirmed nor denounced accordingly, was active until his abduction in a dubious "inter-religious" role in Syria. First of all because of his self-confession as "Catholic and Muslim." Secondly, because of his call to the Syrian rebels to use chemical weapons against Assad's government soldiers.

Father Alfonso Bruno is Known for His Aversion to Traditional Catholics and the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Father Bruno controls the Facebook page of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. There he mainly made known the fact that he himself gladly engaged in contradiction with the general attitude of the Order. Just as the provisional government of the Order was known, not a day went by without the media-savvy religious man to publish photos of himself in all possible variations from the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

His aversion traditional Catholics is also known to be raised against the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, the female religious branch, which he accused of an "intransigent" attitude. [I hope so.] It was he who,by misleading information to journalists, reported on the provisional government of the Order, which was known only to him, trying to steer in a certain direction against the Order's direction and against the Old Mass.

Father Alfonso Bruno is regarded as the real head of the then six-member dissident group who turned to the Congregation of Religious and then apparently was offered a welcome opportunity to intervene against the religious leadership. On 30 August, the most recent meeting between the Commissioner and the Apostolic Order took place with the displaced leadership. With the appointment of Father Alfonso Bruno as General Secretary and spokesman of the Order, it appears to be entering into what de Mattei predicted, that the Commissioner is according the antagonists of tradition in the Order and delivering the administration of the Order by the provisional government of the dissidents.

The leniency of the Founder with his ambitious pupil is taking a heavy toll. The picture shows Father Alfonso Bruno, who sat at the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, with Pope Francis. The change of pontificate seems to have delivered the decisive prerequisite for the action against the Order.

"The Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception, commencing with Father Manelli, run the risk of finding themselves outside of their Order," said Corrispondenza Romana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Facebook Franciscans of the Immaculate

Trans: Tancred AMGD Link to katholisches....


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I fear for the FFI Sisters and cloistered Nuns!
This isnt just about the TLM. The attack is broader and more vicious.

Perhaps this suffering will bring about the 5th Marian Dogma. Padre Manelli always spoke of victim souls. How about a whole Order enduring the gauntlet and the sacrifice of the Sisters? Surely Our Lady can't ignore such a momentous sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

The devil has long planned this attack.

Lynda said...

This is an outright malicious attack against the Order. The majority must seek justice from the Holy See's judicial body. It is clear this new Secretary General, so-called, is an enemy of the Order. Can no one in authority decry this evil - and see that it is undone??? These "dissidents" ought to be expelled from the Order.

Anonymous said...

And he's pictured with the Pope!!!!

Every day, I like this Pope Francis less and less. I hope he doesn't last much longer. I never thought I would actually hate the Pope!

From a picture of him right at his election compared to one last week, he might not last long after all.

Anonymous said...

The Franciscans of the Immaculate priests,brothers,sisters,cloistered nuns, and now also cloistered friars own THIS Pope Francis, and the present Vatican ZERO obedience.

My suggestion after this disgraceful appointment (which came ultimately from Pope Francis of course), is for the majority of the friars, priests, brothers, sisters, nuns and cloistered monks to walk out and re-form under the protection and guidance of the SSPX.

Andy and all traditionalist groups who still believe in the Pope and the Vatican are fools. Turn your backs on this present man in the Vatican, and his advisors. Join the SSPX and in union with them.

That is where the true Church is....not with the agenda of Francis and company.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:29,
This is a ridiculous response. The Holy Father has many things on his plate and this issue has been turned over to others; I doubt he is personally handling it. And the Order is Pontifical Rite and does indeed owe the Holy Father obedience. The grace comes through the obedience: this is what many do not understand. There is a supernatural aspect to all this. Those that are suffering and crying are offering their heartbreak and there is merit in that. Depending on how things go, some might have to leave the Order if it is no longer faithful to its charism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope they do leave the the legion. And regroup under the SSPX.

Thus, this sinister action of the Pope and his subordinates will appropriately backfire on them. The true members of the Order, faithful to it's traditions and disiplines will leave and re-group. That'll leave a handful of the neo-con Vatican II cheerleaders under their new superior.
The Order of friars at present has 350 members of faithful friars....and the 6 who were dissidents.
With the dissidents in control, they will ruin the Order like all dissidents since Vatican II have ruined their Orders, and it will go from 350 now, to less than 100 within less than 5 years.
Be prepared to watch it happen!

And anyone who doesn't believe that Pope Francis isn't at the bottom of this and approved of it is living in a fantasy the EWTN crowd.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he will get revenge on the FI Sisters.

Wanna bet?

Years ago a xnovice had a nightmare that all the FIs nuns convents were empty, all the Sisters gone. She said it was so real... I am afraid for them.
He will most likely attack first the weaker side.

George R. said...

At least we can be sure that the new Secretary General will cure the Order of any incipient Pelagianism.

Anonymous said...

"Pope" Francis is organized jewry's tool. Organized jewry hates the TLM and large white catholic families that result from catholic orthodoxy. Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan both ignored Summorum Pontificum and thus were the top names in the recent conclave. "Pope" Francis is doing organized jewry's bidding in suppressing tradition.

Gratias said...

Thank you for posting these terrible news. Evidently Pope Francis is against SP and Universae Ecclesiae.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that one of the things that really caused the division was that there was at least one of the Mother Superiors and some others that were working with Pope Benedict to reconcile the SSPX fully into union with Rome. They took the risk and were hated for it. This is retaliation perhaps for that effort.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pope Francis goes to his reward sooner rather than later.

Dan Hunter said...
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Dan Hunter said...
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schmenz said...

Dear Mr Hunter:

I did read the post before it was removed, but I am at a loss to understand why the good Father would want it removed. If he has new information that sheds light on this sensitive matter, wouldn't it be better to share that information, especially if it leads to a better understanding of the situation?

Dan Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

For all your talk as "faithful catholics" I am stunned at the level of hatred and vitriol in your comments. If you are representative of "traditional" catholicism no wonder people are ag a inst you. Be ware the war and dessention in your own hearts under the guise of holiness. How sad you all are!

Tancred said...

Boo hoo.

Dan Hunter said...

Dear Dan,

You can remove the current comment entirely and replace it with something like:

"One of my family members asked a member of the FI, a priest who loves the TLM, about this article. He replied:
This article about Fr. Alfonso Bruno is filled with misinformation. Firstly, he was not a member (yet alone the leader) of the dissident group which denounced our superiors to the Congregation of Religious. On the contrary, he was a member of our General Council, and was one of the accused. He is not opposed to the Traditional Mass: in fact, during his visit to the United States 1.5 years ago, he said the Traditional Mass almost daily. His new position as Secretary General simply means that he is a pencil-pusher: it's not even a decision-making position."

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dan Hunter said...


May I kindly ask, where is this "anger and vitriol" you see?

I see none.

God bless

Tancred said...

Giuseppi Nardi is a very reliable source of information.

Father Bruno has already been guilty of spreading misinformation, and it’s hard to believe it was well-intioned.

Saying the Immemorial Mass of All Ages is no guarantee of the absence of malice, either.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has tried to discredit reports about the shenanigans ongoing toward the FI. The combox is full of comments I can only believe originated from people who hate the Order and its valuable work.

And Stalin was General Secretary of his Order.

Enoch said...

Since Fr. Bruno has such an aversion to traditionalists and the TLM, how does he feel about the Novus Ordo being celebrated in a reverent manner, which the FI is known for? Will he seek to change this as well? I hope not.

It seems that Fr. Manelli is willing to bear this injustice, for now. God bless him for that. But it's good to have this information made public. I doubt that the Pope will put much effort into finding out about the truth of the situation, as Benedict would likely have done. Pray for Fr. Manelli and the FI.

Anonymous said...

'"Pope" Francis is organized jewry's tool." Anon. 9/9/2013 8:42pm wrote this.

Hey Anonymous:
I've read many comments in this blog about this lunatic we presently have as Pope, but I've never heard him being accused of being a tool of the Jews!!! LOL!!!

You got this Pope all wrong Buddy Man!!! Francis is cunning as a fox, and as vicious as a viper. Mostly all Vatican II Jesuits are...and he's no exception.
He is not, and will not be a good Pope for the Catholic Church. Although his Saturday Prayer Day for Peace was much more Catholic looking than I thought it would be (I expected a John Paul II Circus, which it wasn't), don't expect this Pope to either support traditional Catholic teaching, principles, or liturgy. He won't.
He's a Jesuit. Jesuits have been radicals after VATICAN ii. He'S the very first Pope ordained after Vatican II. So he has the rot of Vatican II in his blood, and supports nothing else.
He has done and will probably do more horrendous things besides what he did with the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

The good thing is that he won't be Pope very long. He's not as healthy as Benedict XVI (even though Benedict XVI is 87 !) Don't expect Pope Francis to make it much past 4 years.

Then, we will have a Catholic again, in the mold of Benedict XVI, or a Pius XII....not a John Paul II because very many agree as to the disaster he left the Church in.

But don't blame the Jews for Pope Francis. That's crazy talk!! Francis was elected by a bunch of aged John Paul II liberals who didn't get him in the first time they tried (2005). It is possible that in a few years when Francis dies, all those who support this kind of liberal Pope will be dead, or unable to vote.

Unknown said...

Traditionists are "loyal to the Pope" as long as he acts the way they intrepret he should. All this horrible stuff this site and comments say about the Pope show that somsthing is wrong at the core of the FI. SO SAD THAT THe opportunity to respond as saints of the past would has passed. No gospel good news on tbis site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I like St. Nicholas' approach to dealing with problems in the Church and, apparently, so did our Lord and Lady:

Would you slap a heretic for our Lord Frank?

Tancred said...

Cry me a river. This is a pretty stock Neocatholic, head in the sands response. It's just as hysterical, ignorant and bigoted as the Sedevacantists whose posts I generally erase because they have no truth content.

Anonymous said...

No FI has bashed the pope.

Tancred said...

Except for some of the Sedes, I don't think anyone has, and it would be a lie to say so.

Anonymous said...

They need to regroup under Bishop Richard Williamson. The SSPX is heading full speed into Modernist Rome's hands. Take a look at the General Chapter of 2012. The top brass SAYS it will protects us from this sort of thing but it doesn't. There is nothing to save us from exactly this. The liberals in the SSPX will take over and run us even further into Conciliarism. And then look at the April 15th Doctrinal Preamble of Bishop Fellay. In it he speaks for the whole of the SSPX and explicitly accepts Vatican II, the Novus Ordo and the New Code of Canon Law without exceptions. He has said he was wrong in every regard but 1) has not apologized for being in error 2) has not formally retracted formal statements and documents and 3) still treats those who have stood up against him and his yes-men like we are the scum of the earth, heretics and whatnot.

I hope this is a warning to Bishop Fellay. This will happen to the SSPX and, sadly, is happening regarding principles. I am truly disturbed for us all.

- Joshua D.

AV said...

Why does Jesus give us seeds that start to grow with tradition (e.g. FFI) and then turn around and allow this man to become Pope? Allow these people to start to take control of the FFI? Why?

Unknown said...

Amazing that you see the Jews as somehow having a dark influence in the Church when the pope was appointed by (Catholic) cardinals and the very foundations of the Church are in the Jewish faith. I thought you types all but disappeared after the war.

Unknown said...

Well said. Its that crazy anti-semitism of the small minority that blackens the name of Orthodox Catholicism. As for Francis, I agree wholeheartedly. Sadly though I have a feeling that a pope can do untold damage to his Church in a very short space of time, especially in the age of 21st century media technology to beam his crazy words and actions to the four corners of the earth within seconds of them being said and done. Buckle your belt...this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Tancred said...

You mean like Padre Pio, Cardinal Newman and Maximilian Kolbe crazy?

The way that the Church seems to propagate these official and unofficial nannies to police us with politically correct and Judenfreundlich even at the expense of actual orthodoxy is one of the most singular sources of error in our age.

Tancred said...

You mean like Padre Pio, Cardinal Newman and Maximilian Kolbe crazy?

The way that the Church seems to propagate these official and unofficial nannies to police us to remain politically correct and Judenfreundlich even at the expense of actual orthodoxy is one of the most singular sources of error in our age.

Anonymous said...

I have been a frequent visitor to the Airmaria website. It has been a source of spiritual enlightenment. So it is with shock and sadness I read a post on Airmaria by Father Peter that was so derogatory and demeaning to Father Manelli that it was removed after a few days .Thank God. Now there is a survey report being debated on Airmaria. Father Angelo, not surprisingly, has led the charge to explain why Father Manelli was ushered out of his leadership role since he founded FFI. Sorry to say you need a very creative mind and imagination to support Angelo’s contention. Regardless, I thought the Friars were forbidden to speak about the turmoil in FFI. My fear is that Airmaria has become a propaganda front for the dissidents. Parse the numbers any way you want but if Father Volpe was put in place to ease the tension in FFI all I can ask is “How is it going Father Volpe?” Not well I assume. I think this transition could have been done gracefully and with dignity and respect to FATHER Manelli. After all, he has devoted his entire life to the Church. Maybe the Pope’s message for tolerance and compassion should start at FFI. Finally, a joint statement from Father Volpe and Father Manelli reiterating their love and support to everyone at FFI could start a healing process. As for you Father Angelo, get back to preaching. God has given you a rare gift to inspire others like me who search for truth. Being drawn into the muck of this debate serves no useful purpose. May God bless all of you at FFI.

Anonymous said...


God gave man liberty, and allows him free use of it, even when it attempts to destroy His works....what is of God in the FI will remain, what is not, will perish...and perhaps the Lord wants the good to spread so, that He is willing to blow the seeds to other fields...

Irish41 said...

This man is exactly right. This stupidity is exactly why my wife and I left the Novus Ordo crazies and went to the SSPX in 1997. The ensuing years proved us right 100% of the time. The Liberal Progressives have taken over the Vatican which is no longer Catholic. Get out now while you can before the Man of Sin takes over.