Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Lord in a Plastic Cup -- Giving Communion at WYD in Rio

(Rio de Janeiro) scurrilous, thoughtless, horrifying forms of an unworthy giving of Communion and a similar reception are customary to Catholics. At World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro the poor understanding of the Eucharist has reached a new high point of slovenliness.

Pope Benedict XVI. went with his example and gave Holy Communion only to those faithful who knelt and received on the tongue. It was a contribution to the restoration of reverence and comprehension for the Holy. The priests employed were informed only to give Communion on the tongue. The papal example found imitation, yet wasn't driven through the inculcation of general guidelines.

The papal example hasn't changed much under Pope Francis, but for the most part he doesn't give Communion, and is therefore not as visible. The selected priests are no longer instructed as before to give only Communion on the tongue, because besides those, who give according to Benedikts XVI.'s form, have stepped in those who as in earlier times, give Communion on the hand and pass It out over people's heads.

In Freiburg at Breisgau, the President of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch whose example on the closing Mass on the papal stage defied the Pope's example, put female Extraordinary Ministers out, who gave Communion in the hand.

World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro showed a lack of sacramental understanding of the Eucharist, visible in a new "modern" form of Holy Eucharist. The consecrated Hosts were held in plastic cups. These containers went from hand to hand, were passed out by priests, laity, women and men, and give to the faithful, being passed over their heads.

The lack of imagination of the organizers for a worthy reception or distribution of Communion is astonishing. It's much otherwise in the East, as Latin Christians of the West kneel on the ground in shame. On this point the one who accompanies a priest to giving out Communion, should have a small kneeler instead of an umbrella, which could easily facilitate kneeling Communion in every situation.

Text: Giuseppi Nardi
Trans: Tancred vekpon99@hotmail.com


Lynda said...

Reparation! Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

No words. I just have no words. So I'll offer these of Sister Lucia.:

Leaving the Chalice and the Host suspended in the air, he prostrated himself down to the earth near the children and repeated three times this prayer:

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He, Himself is offended. And I draw upon the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that You might convert poor sinners."

Then, getting up, the Angel took the Chalice and Host. He gave Lucy the Sacred Host on the tongue. Then while giving the Precious Blood from the Chalice to Francisco and Jacinta, he said:

"Eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God." Then, prostrating himself on the ground he repeated with the children three times the same prayer: Most Holy Trinity, etc., and disappeared.

William said...

Never mind the receptacles used (well, actually, I do mind, but setting that aside for the moment) – how much of the Precious Blood ended up being spilled on the sand, or on people's clothing? And how much of our Lord's Body was dropped and trampled underfoot, or left to be washed away by the waves?

There's been a lot of negative comment – with which I sympathise – about what might generally be called the æsthetics of the WYD liturgy. But this carry-on is of a different order entirely – in every sense, a scandal.

How have we arrived at this utter neglect of the most basic respect for the Real Presence? "Latin Christians of the West kneel on the ground in shame" … as well they might.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis told his friends in Argentina not to travel to
Rome for his installation but instead to give the money to the poor. He should immediately have announced the same for WYD and cancelled this obnoxious event here to forward.

Ivan said...

With this nauseating event in mind, recall that on his arrival back in Rome, Francis shamelessly offered a beach ball and t-shirt from Rio to Our Lady, when he should have ordered himself to be scourged.

(c)2014 Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com) said...

The Body of My Savior is placed in my mouth. I chomp it into tiny bits, mix it with my saliva, and swallow it, where it is digested by the body.

It is precisely what He intended it to do: it is the ultimate of divine Humility that He give himself to Me to be so.... used.

I don't think that a Creator who takes 13.7 billion years to have created me and then give Himself to me in the veils of the Eucharist.... will be hurt by being held in a plastic container for a few moments.

You pegelians really need to get over yourselves.

Tancred said...

I was wondering if anyone would try to defend this liturgical abuse with this kind of argument.

The use of a plastic cup constitutes a liturgical abuse.

If you aren't worried about whether Church legislation matters, you just might be a Unitarian, a Methodist or a Baptist, but not a Catholic.

CJ said...

Dear Novus Ordo idiot:

You are filth.

Anonymous said...

You can read the Creator's mind and determine what he considers sacrilegious? That's awesome, dude! And what exactly is a "pegelian"? Is pegelianism a heresy? I never heard of it before so please tell us all what it is so we can avoid it.

Tancred said...

The Church decides what sacrilege is, and often, faithful Catholic laity have a good idea too.

Tancred said...

Just another man who needs to be engaged with talk and I hope, reason.

Anonymous said...

Before we overreact and enter into rash judgment, let's first investigate this photo. Obviously there's something more to this photo and what is told.

1) Only priests distributed Holy Communion during this event.
2) The lay woman is holding two plastic cups in one hand
3) It looks more like the people are having a conversation.

Perhaps it was a catechetical session? Perhaps they were looking for more unconsecrated host for their private mass and borrowed some from a local monastery?

I personally would rather be patient in finding the truth than to rashly jump into conclusions and participating in calumny.

And BTW, might I remind you of charity amongst yourselves? Let's try to edify one another with holy speech and conduct.

Tancred said...

Not everyone who posts here is well-intentioned, but you are correct.

The pictures on Katholisches clearly show plastic cups being passed around loaded up with Hosts.


lauermar said...

What are they converting to, exactly? Increased reverence for the Eucharist? I think not. Passing around communions in a cup like potato chips to be shared amongst themselves (as opposed to receiving from clergy or EMHCs) is a form of self-communion, which is opposed to canon law. If I understand it correctly. Canon law is supposed to protect the sacred species.

Damask Rose said...

Dear Richard

With respect to the Host, you don't chew it or "chomp it into tiny bits", you let it dissolve on your tongue.

Anonymous said...

@Tancred: Anon back, just to be clear my comment was directed at Mr. Kent, who apparently can read the Almighty's mind but can't spell "Pelagian "correctly! So much for NO catechesis! Obviously, the Novus Ordoites aren't taught presumption or the heresies any longer, or he would know how to spell pelagians (pegelians ha ha!).

Anonymous said...

It you treat the host like plain food or bread, people will treat it as such and begin to believe it is only a symbol.

This is why it is so important to give it every possible reverence and worship. Because it logically follows from the belief in the real presence.

Insight said...

This is not true, we were there. It was given out by Priests with Chalices. These pics are some kind of set-up or photoshop.

Aged parent said...

Mr Kent:

How utterly tiresome.

Insight said...

Deacons held large white marked umbrellas over the Priests heads so the people knew where to go. Came to this blog because it is being cited all over FB.

Insight said...

The wackos are hard at work. Came to this blog because it is all over facebook. We were there with 15 kids from our Parish. This may be some kind of photoshop. Communion was given out in an organized fashion by Priests with Chalices, and Deacons holding large white umbrellas over there heads so the people knew where to receive. There were 3.5 million witnesses to this event, so whoever is spreading these lies should realize that there are millions of witnesses to the truth.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures on the website, and I continue to question the authenticity of the photos.

Again, before we jump to conclusions, I think we should hold off on our judgments.

1) There were 3 million participants. All with smartphones and cameras. How come we only have a few photos? You would think that this liturgical abuse would be captured and disseminated world wide by now? (With more photo evidence)

2) Personally, I think the photos look photo shopped, but that's just my personal opinion.

3) I'm a bit hesitant to believe everything on Katholisches.

Strange to see the same picture circulating... even after several days. You would think you'll better pictures by now? But than again, "gossiping" is a lot easier than finding the truth.

Again, let's not just to rash judgments. We'll eventually hear the truth about this.

Tancred said...

Katholisches is reliable and proven and they're citing eye witnesses.

Tancred said...

You were everywhere at WYD? Maybe you're omniscient as well?

Anonymous said...

I was there. Communion was not given out in cups. Only priests gave it out. They used chalices, not cups. The picture was probably taken before the bread was turned into the body. PUT THINGS INTO CONTEXT.

Tancred said...

I'll take your word for it.

Tancred said...

One of the most comical features of this are the different kinds of denial going on among the various advocates of these kinds of events.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Several months ago, Katholisches published an article on a religious community. I for one can attest that the article was biased and one-sided.

Personally, I'll wait for the truth to come out in a few weeks.

1) If the photos are true, than I will write a letter to the Congregation of Divine Worship.

2) If the photos are false, would you publicly apologize for disseminating false information? Also, make public reparation for the people in these photos, for the WYD organizers, and the Holy Father... for publicly tarnishing their names and images?

Again, I'm in total agreement that practices like this should be condemned. However, we should exercise prudence and responsibility when disseminating information... especially this day in age when it's very easy to tarnish one's reputation.

schmenz said...

I am a professional photographer. These photos have not been altered. Frankly even the untrained eye can see that. Also, had I been (God forbid) at WYD it would have been quite impossible for me to have carefully observed each and every one of the million who were there. Ergo, it is not surprising that such things happened.

We also know that such things did happen at previous WYDs, so there is no need for verbal fencing in an attempt to discredit what are obviously genuine photos.

Anonymous said...

"Frankly even the untrained eye can see that."
Forgive my ignorance, but I beg to differ. With the advancement of technology, I personally have a difficult time differentiating.

"We also know that such things did happen at previous WYDs, so there is no need for verbal fencing in an attempt to discredit what are obviously genuine photos."
Again, I beg to differ. I was in Cologne for WYD 2005, and I saw no such thing. If you can show me documentation of them using plastic cups, I'll humbly recant. Till than, I suggest you be careful with generalizations. I know that you're passionate in defending the Lord. But we also need to be witnesses to the Truth. And that means tempering our passions with prudential patience and lack of generalizations.

Tancred said...

Making a vague unnamed assertion against Katholisches without citing a specific example doesn't mean they're unreliable.

Be careful about making generalizations.

Tancred said...

I've also added more incriminating photos.

schmenz said...

You are of course perfectly free to differ with me on a photographic question if you wish but do not be so in awe of technology as to dispute with one who knows and understands the technologies available. To claim that these photos were somehow altered or faked brings us back to the rather desperate days of the defenders of Pope Paul VI who went to ludicrous lengths to try to rationalize his strange words and actions...a classic case being that there was a "double" of him in the Vatican issuing all these doubtful utterances To suggest fakery in this case is desperation.

As to your second point, apparently you do not get around much. The lack of reverence, the rock star aura, the near-imbecilic gyrations of youths who were dancing around the altars of John Paul II hardly suggests a mindset that understands that one is in the presence of something Sacred. And as is obvious: just because one attended WYD does not mean that one has witnessed every single jot and tittle of every activity that was going on. It is clearly a generalization to say that since you did not personally experience such stupidities that they did not happen at all.

As to this current Rio nonsense if the sight of high-ranking men of the cloth doing a silly "dance" does not convince you that circumspection, prudence, a "sensus Catholicus" and a sense of the sacred were sorely lacking then there is nothing I can say to convince you. But please do not tell us, I beg you, that the video of the dancing prelates was digitally altered.

Anonymous said...

"As to your second point, apparently you do not get around much."
FYI, I've lived in several different countries and speak 3 major languages fluently. (Working on fluency in 2 other languages). So if you think that's not getting around much, I would like to know what's "getting around"?

"The lack of reverence, the rock star aura, the near-imbecilic gyrations of youths who were dancing around the altars of John Paul II hardly suggests a mindset that understands that one is in the presence of something Sacred."
I agree that the liturgy of the past was a bit distasteful. But don't you think you're exaggerating a bit? Gyrating youths? On stage with the Holy Father?

"It is clearly a generalization to say that since you did not personally experience such stupidities that they did not happen at all."
As I previously stated, if you can show me documentation, I will humbly recant. Till than, I honestly didn't see any liturgical abuses at WYD Cologne.

I rather not continue with this discussion. There's not point of getting in a heated discussion on this blog. We're both on the same team.

Anonymous said...

@ Tancred:

Here's the article I was talking about:

1) I didn't make any generalizations. All I said was: " I'm a bit hesitant to believe everything on Katholisches". Was that a generalization?

2) "I've also added more incriminating photos." If you conscience believe that posting more photos will help build the Kingdom of God and help save more souls... than go ahead. But I'd suggest you to leave out the adjective "incriminating"... sounds more like a trashy tabloid magazine than something I'd get from a Catholic website.

Tancred said...

I don't see how their coverage was one sided, especially considering the dishonest way senior clergy has been operating. They don't even take sides with the Sisters of St John really.

I don't recall Katholisches being wrong about anything, actually. Compare them to sodom friendly publications like NCR or US Catholic, who pride themselves on not being tabloids but are always wrong.

You sound like you're in denial and credulity isn't a virtues. Once again, WYD is shown for what it generally is, a bad idea.

Insight said...

Not denial, but facts. I was there, so were 3.5 million others. Communion was not given out in plastic cups.

Tancred said...

I don't believe you.

Anonymous said...

1) "Dishonest way senior clergy has been operating".
Perhaps there's a reason why the senior clergy suppress their community? Afterall, it was recently revealed that the founder had inappropriate relationships with his spiritual daughters?

Or how about the many complaints from traditional families about being cult-like?

"They don't even take sides with the Sisters of St John really."
Oh really? Than why did Pater Luc reproach the article published?

"I don't recall Katholisches being wrong about anything, actually. Compare them to sodom friendly publications like NCR or US Catholic, who pride themselves on not being tabloids but are always wrong."
1) http://www.kath.net/news/39982
2) You're preaching to the wrong crowd. I don't support US Catholic nor National Catholic Reporter.
3) All I said was: "I'm a bit hesitant to believe everything on Katholisches". Don't see why we're having this discussion. Must I believe every news source out there?

"You sound like you're in denial and credulity isn't a virtues. Once again, WYD is shown for what it generally is, a bad idea."
1) Yes. I lack a lot of virtue. Please keep me in your prayers. That I fully conform to God's will.
2) "WYD is shown for what it generally is, a bad idea". So, do you have any better ideas? And not just "ideas", because everyone has an idea. But concrete ideas. And if you do, please put that into action, because the Church needs as much help as possible.

I'm done replying. There's no point going in circles.

Anonymous said...

Tancred February 8, 2013 at 6:36 AM
Also, I think Kathnet tends to whitewash things.

Tancred said...

They do, they're Neocons. They think Porno Kardinal is a living.

Tancred said...

Cult like? Accusations? Hearsay.

Anonymous said...

As you said: "You sound like you're in denial and credulity isn't a virtues."

1) Tell that to the current president of UNADFI who was an Apostolic Sister of St. John.

2) Tell that to the Seminary Professors who left the community "in objection to their conscience" in 2000.

3) Tell that to La Pastorale Nouvelles Croyance et Derives Sectaires, who works closely with the Diocese of Mans.

4) Tell that to the Marian Sisters that was suppressed by Cardinal Barbarin in 2005.

5) Tell that to the Prior General and the General Chapter who decided to announce the faults of it's founder.

Tancred said...

Everybody has complaints about how things are run.

Anonymous said...

I don't either/

mar said...

Is that like a combination of a Pelagian and a Hegelian?

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. said...

Ah yes. The Conciliar Church of Brazil. Nothin' too good for the Lord, eh? What's gonna be next? Chewing gum Jesus?

Aged parent said...

"WYD is shown for what it generally is, a bad idea". So, do you have any better ideas?"

My friend, I don't necessarily have a better idea but if I were asked to offer one I would suggest that the Vatican end these rock festivals-in-all-but-name, WYD. We have a Church that is in dire straits just now. We are in freefall. Doctrine is being ignored, liturgy is tasteless, music and architecture are ugly, etc. Our Holy Father needs to perhaps spend less time appearing before cheering crowds and more time at his desk, governing. I say "governing" because that was the great tragedy of John Paul II's pontificate: he did virtually no governing at all, and the chaos and scandals grew immensely.

I can understand your enthusiasm for events like WYD but these things are just not needed now.

mar said...

I love the 'if you can't do better, you're wrong' fallacy.

mar said...

I visited China once and didn't see any forced abortions, so that must be a myth.

RapidRG said...

I don't know why people find it hard to believe the photos. Worse things are happening in the churches. It is commonplace now in most norvus ordo churches even the moderate ones to pass the chalice around for everyone to take a sip on their own. And yes there are spillages but it is just wiped off. They excuse themselves that our Lord doesn't mind and he understands...

Anonymous said...

SOOO you are joking right. Just because the Beach ball "Pope" calls trads pelagian you start sputterin it too. LOL That just goes to show how idiotic you and His "Humbleness" are. Palegians don't believe in original sin and think that there works can save them without the work of God even unbelievers. Sounds more like "Pope" Frankie's theology to me. Also if you run into a trad that doesn't believe in original sin let me know. After your liturgical dance class is over of course. Idiot

Anonymous said...


John francis said...

Dear God,
"When in Rome, do as the Roman's do".
Need I say another word?

Anonymous said...

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