Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swiss Canton of St. Gallen Advises Murder of the Elderly in its Hostels

Stiftskirche Photo:wikicommons
Edit: in edition to removing God from their national anthem, the very Catholic Swiss Canton St. Gallen, won’t rule out euthanasia in its elder hostels. Also, here, And campaigns to remove the cross from the Swiss flag as well.

St. Gallen, 15.8.13 (Kipa) A commission issued a recommendation for nursing homes to deal with suicide organizations in the canton of St. Gallen. This was announced by the Canton on Wednesday. A general access or denial of access to basic euthanasia organizations in all of St. Gallen homes would be "no solution", it says in the message. The Commission for Gerontology yet stresses the importance of transparency for members, residents and home workers.

If the move to a nursing home is necessary for the elderly, it is important for them and their families to know when choosing the facility whether euthanasia organizations have access to an institution or not.

A general access or a fundamental denial of access for euthanasia organizations would be "no solution" in the Commission's view. Homes would differ for their employees as well as residents.

The Commission is of the opinion that homes should regulate and communicate clearly in dealing with euthanasia organizations. "Not only relatives and residents, but also employees rely on transparency, what and if it is possible." This uncertainty could be avoided.

Definitions and Information about Regulations in Other Cities

The recommendation, a twelve-page document, contains further explanations of terms around the topic of "euthanasia", information on regulations in other cities, literature as well as an annex on the approach to assisted suicide by a suicide organization.

The Commission for Gerontology works on behalf of the Department of the Interior. It deals with themes such as old-age policy. (Kipa / com / bal / pen)


Anonymous said...

Humanism is great ain't it? The State gives all aid in killing humans that the State doesn't itself kill. And the human citizens kill each other. Open border policies will see to it that there will be more killin' and other causes of more poverty will cause more killin' and well it'll all turn out just like it was supposed to.

Anonymous said...

This is what lack of faith in God does to people. Their behavior becomes Godless. So, when people tell you they want this separation of church and state (which is actually an atheistic concept), this is the state they wish to have; with the erasure of God in any form and any sense of human dignity.

Talk about the lamps going out all over Europe... again, and in this regard the evil people are putting them out themselves thus creating the Darkness.