Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Catholic King Albert II to Abdicate in Belgium

König Albert II.
von Belgien will offenbar abdanken.  

(Foto: AFP)
After two decades of intention to relinquish the official duties of Belgium, of King Albert II. the media consistently reports that the 79-year-old monarch will announce his abdication by 6 O'clock. The royal family is considered an important factor in the risk of splitting the country.

Belgium's King Albert II will abdicate. Newspapers and the news agency Belga consistently reports that Albert's abdication will be announced for 6 this evening, in a television address. The effective date is said to be the 21th July, the Belgian National Holiday.

By 3pm, the first breaking news was released by news agencies. The 79-year-old Albert had unexpectedly received key ministers of the country (kernkabinet) at the royal palace, say Le Soir and De Standaard in their online editions. At 5:30 the entire cabinet concluded, and by 6 O'clock, the King would abdicate on the four major TV channels and their radio stations to the public. After this, Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, should address the public. Philippe Albert's eldest son is heir apparent.

Albert's abdication is really not surprising. In recent months there had been repeated speculation about it. Albert II succeeded his older brother Baudouin in 1993 after his death, to the throne.

Compared with the glamorous royal families from Scandinavia and Britain, the public interest in Belgian monarchy is limited. This was true at least until a few weeks ago. Recently, however, a furor has been caused by the paternity suit of the 45-year-old artist Delphine Boël. She wishes to force the monarch by court proceedings to a DNA test. A first date being set for last week was postponed until the autumn.

The royal family is considered an important staple in the unstable country, at risk of dividing.

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Anonymous said...

No more Monarchs to love the Church.

Anonymous said...

NO king in belgium was ever "catholic"

catholic by name ,culturally catholic, bunch of hypocrites

and let me tell you the truth, not the fancy illusion about kings and queens and their loyalty to "the church" like the books on history of your youth

king boudewijn, the one who refused to sign the abortion law in 1990
was a coward,should have resigned in public stating that he cannot sign the death sentence of innocent babies
,but instead like pilate he chose to run into the cellar and only return after three days when parliament signed the law without his signature
his king boudewijn foundation is now run by evil wicked people who even GIVE money to abortion clinics ,was in the papers ,I checked with the foundation and they sent me a wicked email that I was intolerant

king albert ,the wicked brother of boudewijn signed the abortion pill law in 2002,all in secret from his castle in france, NOT a word of this in the press,even the socalled conservative ones , but found it hidden in the state newspaper, " belgisch staatsblad" where all belgian laws are published,total press silence
also this "king " went to MASS and calls himself a catholic,piece of shit
his son philippe is a fool and will sign ANY law on extending abortion to 5 or 7 months , or euthanasia, bunch of cowards

belgium catholic kings, forget it,they are MASONS no doubt, when they went to rome to the pope, they kneeled for him and kissed his hands,the judas

no king was chosen by God, they elected themselves through power,plots and murder and many powerful friends

forget for once all this romance about "monarchs" as if they were chosen by God, they are NOT

the radical Guido from belgium who lost his job opposing abortion at work and lost 350 thousand euros so far

I did BETTER than king boudewijn, I defended the girl under pressure,the child lived but they hated me and I lost my job,never worked again since 1980
and of course I am not a hypocrite, I vote for NO party, they are ALL pro abortion and other wicked things,or do you think I am a hypocrite voting for these nazis

not much money left at 66 years of age, but a good christian conscience with the Lord of Lords

and if I am not " a good catholic" at my last comment, perhaps I am not, but then I will try to be a good christian
and yes that croate footballer has 15 million euros stashed away,he is a whore of industry, but in football land only a small fish
I do not believe in people who pray rosaries but live in affluence with hundreds of millions and much more than that living in extreme poverty while they call that "success", money and fancy cars and attribute that to God,
God hates the rich and the affluent

God loves those who do the right thing, also when it is hard and difficult