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Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest May Take Over Deserted Former Papal Seminary

(Alghero) The traditional Institute of Christ the King and High Priest (ICRSS) is negotiating with the Government of the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia for the purchase of the former Pontifical Seminary of Cuglieri (not to be confused with the Sardinian town of Cagliari). The region had bought the seminar after its abandonment in 1976 but since then it has not been used. For cost reasons, they want to sell it.
Canonically erected in 1990, the Old Rite Institute of Christ the King in submitted an offer to take over the entire building complex in April 2012, as it has experienced strong growth due to many vocations.
In the Sardinian Parliament a parliamentary motion was introduced, with which the government has been asked why the transfer to the Institute has not yet been done. Una Vox Cagliariits is suspicions that after the posting of the sale, the regional government has been pressured  by the bishops of Alghero and Oristano to prevent the establishment of the traditional institution on the island. How Messa in Latino reported, other bishops had initially welcomed the establishment of a branch of the ICRSS. But their approval was withdrawn under pressure from the bishops of Alghero and Oristano. Meanwhile, the believers of Cuglieri have started a petition for the handing over of the seminar complex to the traditional priest affiliated institution.
Cuglieri (Sardinian Cullieri) in Sardinia: block local bishops of Alghero and Oristano, that the Institute of Christ the King can take over the former seminarThe 3000 population community of Cuglieri (Sardinian Cullieri) is located in Central Sardinia and belongs to the province of Oristano (Sardinian Aristanis) and the diocese of Alghero (Aligehra Sardinian, Catalan Alguer). The place is just ten kilometers from the Mediterranean coast.
The bishops of Sardinia asked the Pope for financial support after the First World War for the construction of a joint seminary for the island.  In 1924 Pope Pius XI. met the request and the seminary was built at the expense of the Holy See, which is why it was given the honorary title "Pontifical Seminary."  The seminary was inaugurated in 1927 was built in the Pisan style of the 1300s and is similar in appearance to a medieval monastery. The simple style fitted well into the landscape of the houses that are built, modest and sober. The management of the houwse was handed over to the Jesuits. In 1970 the seminary was moved to Cagliari. Six years later the empty building was purchased by the Region of Sardinia.

Text: Paix Liturgique / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Una Fides

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