Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Humour

The following is an edited version of a poem by a traditionalist Catholic on Facebook. Please pray for his intentions. 'Tis a pity that the poetry recited at President Obama's inauguration was not as good as this.

Woman is vain and Eve the world's woe 
for she corruption in Adam did sow; 
when he, seduc'd by that serpent-mouth'd coquette, 
did the seed of sin upon this world set. 

Yet, recall Lucrece, the fair maiden self-slain, 
who thought to live in sin's to live in vain. 
Where hath Dante placed her? Among the wise, 
for even God admir'd her fair eyes. 
And Catharine, the great daughter of Dominic, 
who taught St. Peter's son when he was sick, 
and mov'd the papal court of cheese, whores, and wine, 
and made it to feast on the things divine. 
And Hedwig, that oft forgotten wife saint, 
and she who did the Little Flower paint. 
And the mother of Dominic, Lady Jane: 
Who can say that that woman liv'd in vain? 
Whose blessed womb bore the mouth to conquer 
all the the ways of most pernicious error. 

Wherefore, some women wiser are, 
with radiance brighter than Phoebus' car; 
and not some ugly, pious, plain Janes I mean, 
who always in some Quaker dress are seen. 
No, I mean ladies both virtuous and fair, 
who rouge use and have well treated hair; 
but not so much time to that art is giv'n, 
that they forget that yet their soul is liv'n, 
but balenc'd 'twixt plain Jane and vain coquette; 
thou shalt have such if thou have patience yet. 
Make St. Joseph thy friend and to him pray 
that God give thee a blessed wedding day. 
Happy as Collantine shalt thou be-- 
Nay more! For he did not Our Lady see!

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Anonymous said...

It's good. Did you look at the eye witness 28 May, America's vital interests abroad defined ?
There's a good poem there in comments.