Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cardinal Dolan Finally Admits to Paying for Birth Control and Abortion

Edit: he's been denying a lot of things and admitting them, but seems to get away with it.
The archdiocese of New York has been paying for the supply of contraception and abortion services to thousands of its unionized employees for over a decade according to a new report. 
Some 3,000 full-time workers at ArchCare, also known as the Catholic Health Care System, receive coverage for contraception and voluntary pregnancy termination through their membership in 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, a powerful health care workers union. 
The New York Times has reported that the diocese headed by America’s leading cleric Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan has been reluctantly funding contraception and abortion coverage for years.

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Clinton R. said...

It would be funny, if it weren't so tragic that so many have been fooled into believing Cardinal Dolan is "conservative". He is a irenic and modernist Cardinal. Not much different from Cardinal Mahoney, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

This is why I always say that there is no such thing as a "Conservative Catholic". You either ARE fully Catholic or you are not. There ain't nothin' in between.

Aged parent said...

Even I, whose disgust with this man's dishonoring his high office is second to none, am appalled by this.

Not surprised, but appalled.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I don't live in New York for many reasons.
Cardinal Dolan is a Big one . In March, Media Hope Cardinal
Dolan will be Pope Dope !

P.J.David said...

Cardinal Dolan is responsible for the souls and has to account to Almighty Father.It is better that he lays down his office and spends rest of his life in a good Monastry doing reparation for the terrible sins he has committed.
One cannot understand how Pope Bendict XVI raised him as a Cardinal and that too for New York.
It is painful for good Practicing Catholics not only in New York but the whole world.
Let us pray that he repents and does reparation for his past life so that he is saved from condemnation to eternal hell.

Lisa Graas said...

Linked you here. http://www.lisagraas.com/blog/archives/6178

Anonymous said...

Under Cardinal O´Connor the Diocesan were using Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy. It was mandated no b-c or abor. Case in point a friend worked for Blue Cross when she got a call from a Rectory (ie. teenage receptionist) if the Diocesan covers abortion. The computer screen said no coverage! She use to pray for the caller, it happened more then once. So what happened?

Dolan being a N.A.C. protigy just goes to show don´t trust any N.A.C. appointees imo.

Anonymous said...

What's an N.A.C.?

Tancred said...

North American College.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tancred yes N.A.C.- interesting read is a book by a Fordham psychologhist on N.A.C. when Dolan was the rector (90s) lots of insights into that mindset. He set the pace for the N.A.C. sems. - doctrine bad, feel good yes...

Cardinal O´Connor also help found Fidelis Insurance. w-c was to assist Catholic groups, orgs, rel. etc... as primary directed to pro life coverage! Again what happened? Money

Link to Fidelis Insurance to show that Egan-Dolan had other options: http://www.healthplanone.com/healthinsurancecarriers/fidelis_care/

Elizabeth said...

Dangerous, scandalous buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Dolan comes from a neighborhood of perpetual upwardly mobiles. Ballwin, Missouri. Children are expensive. I know.
Some of my family live there.

Anonymous said...

I've felt guilty since I made a comment above about Cardinal Dolan's old neighborhood. Although it is a true
statement. I can't help but always think he seems like
he should be in a business suit.

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