Sunday, April 21, 2013

France: Not Thousands, Millions March in the Streets to Defend the Ancient Institution of Marriage

If it took a woman to drive the English out of France, it may take another woman to drive out the Socialists.

Edit:    Again, another Manif Pour Tous is upon us as millions of Frenchmen take to the streets to protest against the destruction of their civilization. This time, some news media have anticipated the event and are even beginning to acknowledge its significance. A broad base of support is present, starting with the Catholic Primate of France, Cardinal Vingt-Trois, the main organizer who inspired and gave the event such traction, Frigide Barjot, Muslims, Republicans and the whole spectrum of modern France has shown up to defend an ancient and enduring institution.

Here’s a picture of Frigide as she dons her helmet with a very telling suggestion as to her own personal allegiance.  In our enthusiasm, please allow us to suggest comparisons with other militant female saints:
The Valiant Frigid Barjot "The Eucharist:
 More than a Symbol"

 Photo source.

Indeed, according to French Wiki, she defended Pope Benedict against the media onslaught when he was being attacked for pardoning the SSPX in 2009.

Her petition «Touche pas à mon Pape» gathered over 32,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, millions of the Frenchmen have staged a demonstration in the capital, Paris, in a valiant and continuing effort to block a ridiculous bill on aberro-marriage. Which touches on the issue of numbers. Many people don’t like the idea of gay Paris being a focus of such “retrograde” ideas, so the press is being accused on Gallia Watch, and other places as well, of manipulating the photos. I think it’s indisputable that this is taking place, even the article we’ve sourced here bellow says that there will be merely thousands participating.

Opponents of gay marriage took to the streets in Paris on Sunday, carrying French flags and pink and blue banners which represented the colors of the Demo for All group, the spearhead of the movement against the legislation.
“We're here for children's rights. We don't want the state to be complicit in a child being deprived of a father or a mother,” said a French woman during the event.
The French parliament is expected to pass the first article of the bill, which allows same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, on April 23. The upper house of the French parliament approved the first article by 179 votes against 157 on April 9.
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Matthew Rose said...

Thank you for posting this!

A minor correction, if I may: the Archbishopric of Paris is not actually the Primate of France. That is actually the much more ancient See of Lyon, whose occupant is the the Primate of the Gauls and retains the privlege of Coronating the King of France. Currently, the See is occupied by Cardinal Barbarin.

Anonymous said...

Frigide Barjot! She's The Girl!

jonty said...

I think the French destroyed their civilization in 1789. Anything else since then is just tinkering.