Monday, April 22, 2013

Former Papal Master of Ceremonies Open to Aberrounions

Archbishop Piero Marini: "Yes to civil rights, no to the equivalence to marriage". On the new Pope: "The Church experiences hope after years of fear"


"It is necessary to recognize the union of persons of the same sex, because there are many couples that suffer because their civil rights aren’t recognized. What can’t be recognized is that this union is equivalent to marriage". Archbishop Piero Marini, delegate for Eucharistic congresses, said this yesterday in an interview given during the IV National Eucharistic Congress in Costa Rica. Marini was answering a question about the secularity of the State.

Marini, 70 years old, was the master of ceremonies of John Paul II for a long time and also accompanied the beginning of Benedict XVI's pontificate. In the interview he talks about his relationship with Wojtyla and the sensitivity of the Polish Pope. And he also speaks about the new Pontiff. "It’s a breath of fresh air; it’s opening a window onto springtime and onto hope. We had been breathing the waters of a swamp and it had a bad smell. We’d been in a church afraid of everything, with problems such as Vatileaks and the paedophilia scandals. With Francis we’re talking about positive things". With the new Pope, added Mgr. Marini, "there’s a different air of freedom, a church that’s closer to the poor and less problematic".

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Hurry the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! said...

He obviously has a devil in him. Not just for his evil support of sodomy but for his subtle but no less evil condemnation of BXVI's reign and his salivating expectation of the evil that might come from the reign of Pope Francis.

Were he and his apostate peers EVER Catholic? If they were they must have placed an iron curtain between themselves and grace. With the near 100% reduction in grace due to the New Mass, closed confessional, bread and wine remaining bread and wine on the altar, removal of pious devotions especially the holy rosary how can anyone be surprised at their conditions? How many of us reading here today would be just as possessed if not for the graces that we so abundantly receive by our Traditional Catholic practices?

God have mercy on them and on us all.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest Absolute Scandal! Why doesn't the Pope shut some people up and shut some people down starting with Msgr. Piero.

Tancred said...

It's a target rich environment.