Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bishop Pontier, new president of the Bishops' Conference of France is a Freemason

Edit: here’s a google translation from Riposte Catholique. I’m not sure how this doesn’t get into the news. The Grande Oriente of France, the lodge to which Bishop Pontier belongs, has a very strong left inclination. Not that it would be better if it were rightist. Most prelates are silent about the subject of Freemasonry, but this prelate doesn’t think it’s problematic in the least, further proof that Bishop’s Conferences, if any were needed, are worse than worthless.  Here’s a google translation with some editing:


The Archbishop of Marseille was elected after three ballots, after which he received a majority of two thirds of the French bishops. He will succeed Cardinal Vingt-Trois, who reaches the end of his two non-renewable mandates, June 30.

Member of the Priestly Fraternity Jesus Caritas, which is connected with the spirituality of Charles Foucaud, Bishop Pontier, also has broken links with the political world. Aged 70 years (born May 1, 1943), thin and discreet, Archbishop Pontier, from the Tarn, was ordained a priest in 1966 in Albi, then Bishop of Digne in 1988, then to La Rochelle and Saintes and finally Marseille, he is archbishop since 2006.

In 2009, he praised Islam during Ramadan:

"Who has not communed with the periphery of the Muslim community without knowing. Community is made visible at Ramadan the habits acquired in our country. Christians have at heart to discover the values ​​by this pillar of Islam and express their friendly closeness to the Muslims who live among us. "

He also chaired the Episcopal Committee France-Latin America (CEFAL),whose orientation is clearly in favor of liberation theology.

On the Taubira law, he stated his opposition and invited the Christians of his diocese to "train, discuss, argue ...", write to elected officials. He chaired the committee "Studies and Projects" of the episcopate, to examine the issues.

In his Who's Who of the bishops, Golias gave the maximum score (5 bolsters) to Bishop Pontier and explained that “he would one day become president, although he is too far to the left for the taste of many of his colleagues". And besides Golias, the Grand Orient of France welcomed his election for his (“rather fraternal, generous, and open views …")

Pontier Bishop is a member of the Grand Orient of France. [Emphasis ours.] He would even attend further meetings regularly. Questioned by the faithful on the subject during a pastoral visit, Archbishop Pontier has never denied that membership is still contrary to the law of the Church.

He will be assisted by two Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents:

-Bishop Pascal Delannoy, Bishop of Saint-Denis and until now President of the Episcopal Council and Finance Committee on Economic, Social and Legal Affairs of the CEF.

-Archbishop Pierre-Marie Carré, Archbishop of Montpellier and until now President of the doctrinal commission of the CEF.

Link to Riposte Catholique...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Does the Pope know about this?

Anonymous said...

Think it would matter if he did?

So we have bishops who are no longer Catholic because they have incurred an excommunication by either being Freemasons or by denying a basic Catholic teaching such as Original Sin. They are probably legion.

How many priests today were ordained by them? It would not be valid. The sacraments ministered by those same priests would also be invalid. Any wonder why the Novus Ordo people are so ungraced that they contracept their children away, clamor for queers to marry, cry for female priests and priests and for priests to marry and had no problem voting for a rabid baby killer?

Sure would explain alot of things now, wouldn't it?

Tancred said...

This is really interesting because most Bishops will categorically deny any involvement in Freemasonry. I don’t recall a Bishop, particularly one that is this prominent, declaring himself a Freemason. It’s a big no-no. ++Schoenborn has, for example, stopped short of declaring his own membership in any of the Austrian Lodges, but he has made several scandalous comments about it, and refuses to discipline his Cathedral Rector who has made similarly scandalous comments about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:43 PM, I don't want to confuse this w/ Doneticism(?) where a clergyman in mortal sin is said to be unable to validly confect the Sacraments. Maybe Tancred could speak to this with more precision. Thanks. Anon 12:42 PM

Matthew Rose said...

Wrong; that is the heresy of Donatism. ++Lefebvre, by the way, was consecrated by a Mason. He was validly consecrated, and the SSPX priests and Bishops are real priests and real Bishops (and the latter not just because of +de Castro Mayer).

You are definitely correct that the Pope surely does not care, though. Neither Paul VI, nor JPII, nor Benedict XVI, nor Francis would care. If any of them did, they would do something about Fr. Villa's published list of all the Curial Masons.

Blue Collar Catholic said...

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325 attributed.

This is why we the Church Militant must continually pray for our Priests and Bishops.

Anonymous said...

"Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and with them are taking many souls."

-Our Lady at Garabandal, June 18th, 1965, Second Message to the world.

None of this should be a surprise today.

Assisi said...

Firstly, Garabandal is demonic (Bishop condemned and seers recanted. Look at the footage of the children walking backwards with their necks craned awkwardly down a mountain. You don't have to be a Doctor of Mystical Theology to figure that one out..), but that said, Freemasonry, Illuminati, New world Order, whatever you want to call it, is the chief problem in the world today.

After his speech about the elimination of secret societies, JFK was murdered.

JP I died 33 (biggest symbolic number for Masons) days into his papacy when rumors of reform started. The Chief Exorcist of Rome was recently quoted to have said to Francis to be weary of the same thing happening to him.

Some people think the reason JP 2 was the rock-star pope, seeking to escape from The Vatican ad nauseum, and being the worst pope ever, with respect to discipline, was that he was afraid he's be offed to. The exorcisms JP 2 participated in were said not to have gone well, either.

Benedict's first homily as Pope pleaded with the Faithful to pray for him that "he not fall subject to the wolves."

The devil, the world, and the flesh are our mortal enemies, but the industry of sin they all promote is manufactured exclusively today by Freemasonry.

The problem for the would-be heroes of the world is that the most Masonic country on earth is--- The United States of America (And I fear Babylon in Revelation)! You fight this machine you do so expecting martyrdom.

If you pose a threat to them, they kill you, plain and simple. You'll be "suicided" and everyone else will be scared off.

13 is another big occult number. Benedict resigned on 2/11/13 (2+11=13 13 13) Francis was elected on 3/13/13.

Francis called his best friend, a Rabbi in Argentina, when elected, then the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and both are celebrated Masons. Many of the councilliar popes have been mentioned as masonic members on public lists available, but in fairness, often "honorary" memberships are extended, so it's difficult to gauge the level of involvement.

Our Lady of Lasallette, Fatima, and Akita tell us what's coming.

You read Our Lord's words to The Church at Sardis in The Apocalypse and it describes The Church exactly at this moment. The Churches in The Apocalypse may be read as epochs in Church History. We are in the fifth. Our Lady's Triumph may be The sixth. The End-of-Days the seventh.

Our Lord says you will know when these days are upon you when they say 'Blessed are the barren and the breasts that give no suck.."

Contraception and abortion have been commonplace the past 40 years. We're existing on borrowed time. The Church is the only hope, but Rome is more interested in accommodation than accountability.

Pray, offer sacrifices, and include everyone you have ever known to the incense offered to the high altar of Divine Mercy, where we read in Revelation about the mandated "silence in Heaven for half-hour" as The Son of God decides how The Father's Chastisement is to be administered.

That is why every prayer and sacrifice is so important in assuaging The Wrath of The Lamb..


Unknown said...

Freemasonry can never be Christian. Ever. Those who think they're Christians and Freemasons are rarely deluded Christians....they know they're not Christians and they're quite proud of that fact. And they'd never tell you they're not. Which is fine because if I'm not mistaken torture is legal in North America. Freemasons can be thanked for making legal a system that the people of America -and the world - can use to free themselves of the evil, greedy liars that oppress them. Freemasons are NEVER Christian.


Tancred said...

Sheer hearsay and calumny in my opinion.