Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bishop Fellay Vests 16 Seminarians in Flavigny

In addition to Bishop Fellay's recent talk at a priestly ordination (at DICI) on the 27th of January, there's more cause for hope.  This report just in from Society website in Germany:

On February 2nd, Bishop Bernard Fellay vests and tonsures 16 seminarians in the French Society of St. Pius X.

They have received the spiritual robes of clerics.

Here are some pictures (Thanks to the Priestly Seminary of the Cure de Ars in Flavigny)

The SSPX operates six seminaries world wide.


Anonymous said...

Six seminaries plus the new one being built in Virginia. Deo Gratias.

SSPX Supporter said...

The USA District has the transcript of Part 1 of the interview with Father Rostand up on their homepage. I did not know that the US had 20 priories! And now the wonderful Bishop Tissier de Mallerais is residing in Chicago. What a blessing. Maybe his mere presence will be enough to drive all the evil out of that poor city and state.