Thursday, February 28, 2013

Benedict XVI for Pope Again!

Pope on his last motorcade.
 [Bild: Maurizio Lupi]
Edit: here’s some coverage of the last speech by  It really captures the people’s love for the Holy Father in Rome and in his Fatherland.

The Holy Father bid farewell to hundreds of thousands of the Faithful on St. Peter’s Square in his last General Audience as Pope.

The visibly moved, but also exhausted Holy Father was pleased about the throng of believers present:  “I see, that the Church lives!  The Church is not my property, it’s not your property, it is the Church of the Lord, who will never let it fall!”
„Bendetto XVI di nuovo Papa!“ - “Benedict XVI Pope Again!”,
an understandable desire. [Photo: Thomas Drahorad]

“Un Papa non è solo nella guida della barca di Pietro”

Pope Benedict thanked God firstly, but he also thanked those, “who had helped him and remained true to him”:  among the estimable Cardinals, with colleagues, the Secretary of State, with the Curia.  He emphasized  “la mia Diocesi”,  as he mentioned his own Diocese in Rome:  every individual is included in the Holy Father’s prayer.

Thanks to the Faithful and Address to his Countrymen

The Faithful thanked Pope Benedict XVI. for his Pontificate, “Benedetto” cries honor the Holy Father, the Chapel Horn Ensemble of Traunstein, where the Pope went himself to School, played the Bayernhymne (Bavarian Athemn).

I’m addressing my countrymen “I thank you [finally] all, that you have greeted my decision, which I have made before the Lord for the good of the Church, with respect and understanding.  For my part I will accompany the Church on my way with prayer. …

A warm “Vergelt’s Gott” [Bavarian Expression for, God Bless], I say to all brothers and sisters of the German tongue -- you, dear friends, who have come to the last General Audience of my Pontificate, and those at home.

The Lord always carries the Church, he leads it also in difficult times.  This view may never be forgotten.  We must be ever certain, the Lord is near us and surrounds us with His love.

In prayer we remain, dear friends, close to one another, and in prayer the Lord is near to us.  So I greet you all with my whole heart! The Lord blew you and the Church in our Lands!”

"You are our beloved Pope -- and will always be so!”

Some Italians in the square held up a sign which read:

„Carissimo Papa Benedetto.
Tu es Petrus
Tu sei la nostra roccia,
Tu sei la roccia della chiesa
Tu sei il nostro amato Papa
e lo serai per sempre!“

Here is the website of the Vatican with the Holy Father’s speech: L'UDIENZA GENERALE, 27.02.2013


Anonymous said...

Truth and Beauty emanated from Pope Benedict.Light surrounded him.Jesus The Truth,The Word, The Light, was with him and in him.

Cyril said...

Benedict's abdication is a tremendously negative development for the Church.

Tancred said...

A lot of people wish it were so, but I think it’s a little early to say.

P.J.David said...

Let us believe that Our Lord's hand will not let the devil and his agents to conquer the Church,the bride of Christ. Our Blessed Virgin Mother ,her Immaculate Heart will triumph ,there is no doubt. Let us hold on to our Faith and pray earnestly the Rosary, our power weapon against the Devil.