Monday, December 24, 2012

Bishop Williamson Openly Declares Himself

Edit: this just appeared on the Facebook group of "St. Pius X Fathers Pfeifer and Chazal on Facebook" with a picture of Bishop Williamson who appears to be now openly leading a rebellion he hopes to catch.
Ten priests of the resistance with Bishop Williamson at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Boston, Kentucky. Perhaps 10 more could have attended if not obligated to remain in their place by their pastoral duties. Many SSPX priests are in communication with the resistance, and undoubtedly more will join the resistance if things continue to worsen inside "Opus Fellay."

Announcement here:


Elizabeth said...

What site did you find that on? I went to the SSPX website, as you mentioned, and I don't see anything about it.

Tancred said...

As it reads in the brief summary, the source is Father Chazal and Pfeifer's facebook group.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Thanks for eponymous flower. Right now Tancred and every one with eponymous I wish and pray all a happy and blessed Christmas. Love in Christ++

Elizabeth said...

I must have read it wrong the first time. It's clear now that it's the Facebook site, not SSPX. Thanks.

beagle said...

I love a lot of things about the man, but I just don't what to think of where this is all going. I'm concerned about some of the stuff going on in the Society, but I can't really say I'm a supporter of the Resistance. Stuck in the middle as usual I guess. I go to some of the forums and almost never find any posters I fully agree with. I wish Arbp. L was still around...

But hey, I'm just a bad guy with my nose stuck in the air, or something.

MNnice said...

Thank you for posting this sort of info!

Intellectual honesty requires reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly...american ''journalists'' seemed to have ducked their responsibilities in the last election where Obama could do no wrong. Many traddie blogs/forums behave the same way when it comes to anything sspx &/or this msgr williamson stuff.

Look, no one is proud of ''another vatican ii moment'', but ignoring this new williamson thing because it may not reflect well on the sspx qualifies certain traddie bloggers for the white house press corps. Rorate didn't cover 'strict observance' stuff and I doubt they cover this as would require admitting such things as 'another sspx moment' can, in fact, exist (and, yes, I get its not the exact sort of case). But this sure looks like a bad sign of things to come for the society.

Thanks eponymous for reporting the stuff that may not be so fun to report.

Tancred said...

lol, Merry Christmas and thank you.

Tancred said...

I don't think Rorate pays much attention to Facebooks, and they do tend to bypass the +Williamson stuff.

Dolorosa said...

They aren't in rebellion but staying faithful to the traditions of the RCC and fighting the good fight against modernism and apostasy just like Archbishop Lefebvre always did. No deal with modernist Rome until it comes back to the faith!
Listen to FR. Hewko's youtubes for more information.

Long-Skirts said...


"I am the Mother of fair love, and of fear and of knowledge, and of holy hope." (Ecclus. xxiv)

She's not just hope
But holy hope
Of love and fear
That's fair

Knowledge for
The sheep to Pope
She'll not bear

So when a priest
Came from the east
Known as Pere

Joined west's
St. Philly's Feast
To draw up and declare

Against the day
Shout, "Viva...Rey!"
They call them "brave-priest

But Mother sees
The cash they squeeze
Will help them buy
Some mitres

And yes, it's bad
The times are sad
For One, True,
Church of Christ --

But some mad Trads
Have turned to fads
Our inheritance
Their habitual heist!

Anonymous said...

Long skirts, you wrote the above on a Holy Day of Christmas. Your writing reflects your intellect: sarcastic condemnation of the Good Brave Priests. You are not respectful as you make an effort at being cute in your attempted poetry.

Kathleen said...

Bravo Long-Skirts!

Your poem captures the sadness and the madness of this revolution perfectly.

Wessex said...

The above tedious poetess forgets the mountain of cash Menzingen is sitting on for its fantasy seminary. And the Christmas spending that Fr. Rostand expected his flock to redirect his way for the benefit of their souls ..... and his glory. In contrast, a return to material austerity on the part of traditional clergy is very welcome and will inspire confidence among the laity.

beagle said...

Oh, is that what it was about?

Tony said...

It is Bishop Fellay who is the rebel - rebel against his spiritual father, Archbishop Lefebvre, by seeking a canonical regularization without Rome's conversion.

Esther said...

SSPX Strict Observance ?? Of what ? Charity ,humility , obedience ?
More like Stupid Obstinacy. Lord save us.

Floreat said...

Where did the priests come from? If you leave out the sedevacantist and novus ordo contingents, you're left with Frs Chazal, Pfeiffer and Hewko as recent departures from the SSPX. Three priests and a renegade bishop - hardly a ringing endorsement of their disobedience and pride, is it?

Floreat said...

They're not intending to have the ex-Society of St John priest involved with the seminary, are they?

Anonymous said...

what a tragedy. such a well placed blow to tradition. and the not really clever little aristocratic wanna bees sip their champaign as they lead their gullable faithful down the slippery slope

Anonymous said...

But the reason why he was ousted was for being a holocaust denier. My family is afraid of anything to do with the holocaust and I agree with them....Just look at the pictures...

Anonymous said...

Pretty bizarre that a “historical fact” should have to be defended by force of law.

ViaTeam said...

Sorry for the late response, Floreat. If you're still interested in the answer to your question