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Yesterday He Was For Slaughtering Children -- Today He's a Cardinal

Mons. Rubén Salazar Gómez
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An Archbishop Without Scruples

The Archbishop of Bogota recently defended slaughtering children.  With pressure from the Vatican, he gave in.  What he really thinks is no matter.  The main thing is that his career goes on.

(, Bogota)  Today the Old Liberal Archbishop Jesús Rubén Salazar Gómez (70) of Bogota has been named to Cardinal.

Until a week ago he defended -- against Catholic morality and the natural law -- the murder of unborn children,  in so far as it is allowed by Colombian law.

Since 2006, the murder of children has been allowed in three cases, with danger to the life of the mother, in cases of severe handicap of the child and in cases of rape and incest.

Currently, the parliament is debating over the expansion of the murder of unborn children.

A Clear Yes for the Murder of Children

On November 13th the up and coming Prelate and President of the Bishops Conference, defending child slaughter for the Colombian newspaper 'El Tiempo'.

He formulated a clear "yes to the decriminalization of abortion in these three cases, which Colombian law allows."

Catholic pro-Life organizations have unleashed a storm against the Archbishop.

One Man, One Word

Finally the Vatican took action with a fig leaf action.

The Secretary of State demanded a correction from the Scandal-Archbishop.  Thereupon, he sent a correct statement.

The murder of children is "a horrible crime" -- wrote Msgr. Salazar suddenly:  a decriminalization is never acceptable.

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