Friday, November 9, 2012

Bishop Fellay: Stays Firm, Dealing With Two Different Agendas

Edit: first they are told that the SSPX can be accepted as is and that no expectations would be included, then others are insisting that the Society must adhere to the principles of Vatican II. Then Archbishop Mueller, the new CDF, insists that the "talks are over". A few weeks after that, another statement is issued from Rome saying that the talks are not over.

We've pointed out in the past that there are two different agendas at work in Rome. It's interesting that most people seem unaware of this. We'll keep pointing it out. In the meantime, Bishop Fellay will continue to assert what the Society has always asserted and that it will not compromise those principles.

Undeniably, there are reports that there is a lot of pressure against this deal taking place from governments, Old Liberals within the Church structure who fear the growing legitimacy of Tradition in the Church, Jews and even members within the SSPX.

Here's the Bishop's statement and commentary from DICI:
This is the sort of information that reached me. Obviously it is not clear, when on the one hand you have official documents to which you have to say no, because they are asking us to accept the Council and that is not possible, and when on the other hand such reports are communicated to you. Nevertheless I made an initial response in which I said no. Someone telephoned me to tell me: “Could you not be a little more precise?” I wrote a second time. They were no more content than the first time. And so we come to March 16, when they presented to me a letter, saying, “This letter comes from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, but it is approved by the Pope.” If I had in my hands nothing but this letter, our relations with Rome would be finished, because this letter said that no one has the right to set the past Magisterium against the Magisterium of today. Therefore no one has the right to say that today the Roman authorities are in contradiction with those of yesterday. It also said that rejecting the September 14 document which was explicitly approved by the Pope was tantamount in fact to rejecting the authority of the Pope. There was even a reference to the canons that talk about schism and about excommunication for schism. The letter continued: “The Pope, in his kindness, is allowing you another month to reflect; if you wish to change your decision, tell the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about it.” Then it’s clear! There is nothing left to do. This letter that came to me by the official channel concludes the debate. It is over. But at the same time, I received informal advice that told me: “Yes, you will receive a harsh letter, but remain calm,” or actually: “don’t panic.”
Read it in its entirety here...

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