Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laity Spontaneously Supports Küng's 'Call to Obedience'

Bishop Küng on the National Holiday in Vienna's Stepensdom:  and we need priests - but not disobedient priests, rather obedient, humble priests... "  -- spontaneous applause of the laity gathered -- preached: courage on the Austrian way to bioethics.

Vienna (  The St. Polten Archbishop Klaus Kung issued a "call to obedience" at the end of the traditional feast Mass "prayer for Austria" on the evening of the National Holiday of the 26th of October in Vienna's Stepensdom -- and earned spontaneous and enormous approval from the numerous  church people present.

Bishop Küng called upon the church service community: "We need Christian politicians, we need Christian scientists, we need Christian teachers and we need priests, but obedient, humble priests, who are filled with the love of Christ.."

Then spontaneous applause broke from the faithful in the Cathedral!

In his sermon Bishop Küng encouraged a "self-standing Austrian path" in questions of bioethics: "We must not opt out of everything, only because 'others will do it'." Also in the future it will be necessary that values will be defended.  "Who will do it if the Church doesn't?"

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Geremia said...

An applause broke out in St. Peter's, too, when Card. Ottaviani's mic was switched off…

Tancred said...

It is popularly believed in the media that the Pfarrer's initiative enjoys popular support. Obviously there are many faithful Catholics stil I'm Austroa. I have no idea what the Ottaviani intervention has to do with this.

davidforster said...

When I saw the title, I immediately thought it meant Hans Küng. That really would have been news.