Sunday, September 23, 2012

New General Prior of Carthusians

Stat crux dum volvitur orbis

He was a late vocation to the Carthusians.  Previously he was occupied much with Fatima and appearances of the Mother of God.

( Dom François Marie Velut O. Carth. was selected on this Friday 10:00 as the 73rd General Prior of the Carthusians.

The election was unanimous.

Member of another Order

The newly elected was christened Michel Velut on the 30th of December 1948.

From 1970 to 1989 he was a member of the community of "the Little Brothers of the Heart of Jesus",  which was inspired by St. Charles de Foucauld (+1916).

He was called Brother Michel of the Holy Trinity.

A  Fatima Expert

Brother Michel, according to the blog '' has researched Marian apparitions over many years.

In a four year research phase he devoted himself to the Third Secret of Fatima and published several books about it.

On the occasion of a Vatican symposium on Fatima, he gave a lecture on the 24th of November 1985.

At 41 he Became a Carthusian

In December 1989 he left his community and entered the Grande Chatreuse -- the mother cloister of the Carthusians -- in the French Alps by Grenoble.

He postponed his simple vows until the 25th of December in 1991.

Later he took the office of Procurator, which cared for the material affairs of the Carthusians and keeping straight its contacts with the world.

Finally, he became Secretary of the Order.

Exchange in the Charterhouse of Portes

In June 2001 he became Prior and Novice Master in the Charterhouse of Portes (Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Portes).

It is located in the vicinity of the 300 population village of Benonces -- between Lyon and Genf.

He has held this office up until Friday.

Portes is the first foundation of the Grande Chartreuse.  Because of its members, it is also called the "Charterhouse of the Saints".

Dom Velut has led his community to a certain blossoming.

The Whole Life is in Celebration

The Italian blog '' cited the new General Prior with the following words:

"Despite the great strain, the freedom of the Carthusian life gives the feeling that all of life is a holiday."

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Anonymous said...

If i was a betting man i would bet
Dom Velut will be declared in the ranks of the blessed one day. He has done gigantic work for Our Lady and spreading the message of Fatima.

Dan said...

His thorough and complete devastation of the Medjugorje fraud was also a brilliant piece of investigative journalism. This report was spellbinding, and remains unanswerable to this very day.

He was one of the first, along with the late Brother Francis, MICM and the late Hamish Fraser, to see the serious problems that this fraudulent nonsense would bring upon the Church.