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Msgr Georg Gänswein Long-shot for Diocese of Regensburg

This weekend the careerist and teacher of error, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller is leaving Regensburg. An unexpected guest took part in the festivities.
Prälat Georg Gänswein –
current secretary of Benedikt XVI.

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 (, Regensburg) This Sunday the teacher of error and new defender of the Faith of Pope Benedict's grace, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller officially departs as Bishop of Regensburg.

The event is the occasion of a feast and a closing Pontifical Mass in Regensburg Cathedral.

Today, this Saturday, Msgr Müller will open the former private house of Pope Benedict XVI in the 2700 population community of Pentling, which borders on north eastern Regensburg as a meeting place for the Neoconservative.

The Unexpected Guest

More interestingly Prelate Geoorg Gänswein, the private secretary of the Pope, was present for the festivities.

He has no close relatives in Regensburg.

For that reason there have been the presence of rumors whereby he appears as a likely candidate for the empty Diocesan post.

Roman observers consider this option to be improbable.

The Wish-candidate of the Enemies of the Church

The media bosses of the anti-cllerical 'Schwäbische Zeitung'  have already indicated their wish candidate.

Thus the schmier paper mentioned Cathedral Dean Lorenz Wolf (56).  He is the chief of the 'Catholic Office" in Munich.

The 'Catholic Office' is a point of contact between Bavarian politics and the Church.

Cathedral Dean Wolf had already been tapped as the likely Bishop of Augsburg after the Putsch against Bishop Walter Mixa.

A Mitre at Any Price

As other names, the newspaper named Munich Auxiliary Bishop Wolfgang Bishof (51).

The Director of the Schwabian pilgrimage site Maria Vesperbild, Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp may also have an appetite for the office of Bishop.

With the invitation of Berlin's homo-Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, he has shown that he is thoroughly prepared to walk over bodies to snatch up a mitre.

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