Saturday, September 22, 2012

Episcopal Consecration Celebrated "Facing God" in Italy

(Rome) The news is not new, yet it is subsequently newsworthy. On the occasion of the consecration of the new bishop of the Diocese of Carpi, Italy, Monsignor Francesco Cavina removed the main altar from the chancel and celebrated ad Dominum Cathedral of Imola. This report on tradition is associated website Messa in Latino. The consecration was in the presence of Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State.

The consecration took place on 22 January 2012 in the Cathedral of St. Cassian instead. It must have been a one-time process that is still remarkable, and not least because of the importance of the event. Two weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI. also celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord in the Sistine Chapel ad Dominum.
Destruction of the High Altar

Back in 2006 there was an episcopal ordination in Italy ad orientem, as on 25 June 2006, the new Archbishop of Oristano was ordained in the local cathedral. The consecration was before the then President of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Camillo Ruini. The Parish Priest Msgr Costantino Usai had decided to end the "provisional solution" of a popular shrine. He justified the decision to the cathedral chapter, among other things, that the initiative that had been was not caused by the Second Vatican Council. The main altar is hindering the full enjoyment of the great dynamic power of the liturgy, and it runs the risk of a reduction in the danger of self-celebration in itself. The outgoing Archbishop Monsignor Pier Giuliano Tiddia had welcomed the decision.

As the newly appointed Archbishop Msgr Ignazio Sanna was consecrated and enthroned, he was forced to celebrate ad Dominum. Immediately after his enthronement the new Archbishop explained then that the "experiment" ad orientem is "not successful" and "this form of celebration" will lead back "to a pre-Conciliar dimension", "which, as I must assure, does not correspond to the sensibility of the people of God." The people's altar was rebuilt, this time the high altar was permanently bricked up and broken off from the possibility of another "restoration trial".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Images: Messa in Latino / Fides et Forma

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