Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Rapping Priest from Poland in a Cassock

We moderns reject aristocracy, insisting that our rulers reflect our ignorant selves, whereas 19th-century workmen dressed elegantly even while digging ditches. The more casual our elites appear, the more we like them, which frees them further from doing anything uncomfortable.

-Charles Coulombe for Takimag

Promoting Holy Scripture for youth:  A Polish priest takes an unusual route

Poland (  A polish chaplain is making an appeal for bible reading in an unusual way. [While wearing a cassock or in regular street clothes, the chaplain cuts a rather secular figure.]  With a rap song which has already received a hundred thousand hits, the priest is attempting to bring youth in the the church.  Jakub Bartczak is the chaplain in the Lower Saxon city of Breslau and sings a song for the bible. "Read Holy Scripture, man."  The news broadcaster TVN 24 explained about Bartczak, that he had already been performing music before he entered seminary.  In the mean time his own Diocese has also put the video on their homepage.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

How will they measure the effectiveness of this video (assuming there's any beneficial effect? These gimmicky stunts, by their very nature, trivialize the importance of spiritual matters. It's far better to address these matters in a dignified manner befitting adults. When clergy try to "lighten up", they only banalize themselves and their sacerdotal offices. They're called to be alter-Christi, not alter-court-jester.

Anonymous said...

@ Restore-DC-Catholicism

I tend to agree with you. But then I get a flash of Saint John Bosco in my head.

Anonymous said...

A Polish version of Fr. "Stan the Man" Fortuna of Fr. Groeschel's Franciscan Friars of the Renewal?

Tancred said...

While he does attempt to actively cultivate the degenerate American jive-culture, he doesn't appear to have breathed it in as deeply as Father Stan Fortuna has.

Aged parent said...

Restore DC Catholicism has stated it perfectly.

Anne said...

I don't think young people are necessarily brought into the Church by this. I know some young people who have returned to the Church where they have found true tradition and also silence.....they are tired of 'noise'.