Friday, August 31, 2012

++Schönborn Triumphant at Pope Benedict's Schülerkreis

‘Ratzinger Schülerkreis’ Is Now in Session

Edit: Vienna's Pornography Cardinal practically gloats as he describes Cardinal Ratzinger's programme for the American Neoconservative Catholic Register. In his interview with Vatican Radio on 30 August, he dissembled:
“The fact that the Holy Father has chosen this theme for the meeting this year is a sign that the ecumenical question is of primary importance for him” 

After years of frustrating the Pope's initiatives in Austria and undermining his authority by giving in to dissidents, promoting Medjugorje, and slyly promoting homosexuality by overturning a pastor's decision when he tried to reject a parish council member who was an active homosexual earlier this year.

All of that is forgotten, as the Cardinal waxes sensitively about the very close relationship between himself and the Holy Father, and yet there is not one word of criticism from NCR.

“It is an academic circle, and this means that what counts are the arguments,” said Cardinal Schönborn. “Of course there is the question of friendships that have been built up after so many years, we have met for over 30 years, every year, and now we are almost at the point of retirement!”

A key component of the annual get together is, of course, the involvement of Pope Benedict himself. Cardinal Schönborn said the Pope’s disposition throughout is not merely academic but also “paternal” and “fraternal” towards his former students. “What strikes us is how the Holy Father always knows his pupils, he always asks about their family, children, and when there is suffering in a family he knows about it, he cares deeply,” the Austrian cardinal said.

The basis for much of the group’s studies this week will be Cardinal Walter Kasper’s 2009 book Harvesting the Fruits, which explores Catholic relations with Anglicanism and Lutheranism.

The discussion on Lutheranism will be led by the German Lutheran Bishop-Emeritus Ulrich Wilckens, while the Swiss Catholic Bishop Charles Morerod of Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg will lead the discussion on Anglicanism.

“With the Holy Father, we expect a dialogue in truth and charity: in the truth that does not conceal the drama of division among Christians in Europe and, as a consequence, all over the world, but also the great issue of what is the reform of the Church, a theme of utmost importance to the Holy Father,” Cardinal Schönborn remarked.

Pope Benedict’s 26-year academic career involved him teaching at universities in Bonn, Munster, Tubingen and Regensburg. He was appointed archbishop of Munich and Freising in 1977.
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Anonymous said...

Years ago when I first became aware that there were evildoers in miters, it was Schönborn. It was his blind eye defense of some sort of blasphemy if I recall.

Tancred said...

That sounds like his blasphemous exhibition of the Last Super which he pretended not to be familiar with one minute, then went on about how the sadomasochistic Hrdlicka, whose pornographic art still hangs in the Stepensdom btw, is one of the world's most famous artists....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe that was it.

I hope you have a good celebration tomorrow of Saint Pius X. What a stark contrast between this lawfully canonized priest, bishop and pope and the majority of priests, bishops and popes in the Modernist Church. If not for Saint Pius X and the Austrian monarch who spared the world of Rampolla as pope, we would have had Vatican Double decades earlier. My precious Holy Communion was offered in thanksgiving for Giuseppe Sarto, the priest who sponsored him, the mother who sent him back to seminary, the monarch who paved the way for his papacy and the holy and saintly Merry del Val who urged that he accept it. It was also offered in reparation for offenses committed by bishops like Schönborn and especially a certain priest in the Diocese of Pesqueira Brazil and his mitered accomplice.

I'm sure that this great modern pope and saint was not mentioned at all today during the Novus Ordo pulpit chats. What could they possibly say about him without condemning themselves and their ghastly new man-made religion?