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A Traditionalist Jew in a Soutane

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He converted to the Conciliar Church -- and lead his apostolate, despite resistance which he's experienced from their side.
Hw. Oliver Horovitz auf der
Webseite der Pfarrei Le Pradet

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(kreuz.net)  Fr. Oliver Horovitz was ordained for the Archdiocese in 2007.

The bi-monthly newspaper 'L'Homme nouveau' mentioned him in an article of the 30th of June.

He began with the Jewish religion

The clergyman comes from a non-practicing Jewish family.

As an intelligent person he began to consider the meaning of his life.  But he didn't get an answer from philosophy.

He asked God, to show Himself in his life.  That happened.  So, he began to practice the Jewish religion, which his parents had given up.

Called to be a Priest

Accidentally he found the Gospel and read it.  Then he knew that he had to become a priest.  He still didn't know the Church.

He knocked on the door of the nearest Catholic church.  Two years later he was baptized and entered a seminary, which was directed by the Oblates of St. Vincent de Paul:

"There I found -- which today seems a little strange -- a master, to whom I thank and to whom I owe an immense debt."

Priest in the Archdiocese of Paris

On the 23rd of June 2007 Fr. Horovitz was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Paris.

Since his priestly ordination he always wore a soutane.  From the beginning he celebrated as well the New Mass as well as the Holy Mass of the Roman Rite.

At the Parisian Parish of St. George the young priest founded a Catholic recreation area.  Actually, he had to give it up because of Old Liberal resistance.

Retirement to Fréjus-Toulon

In 2008 he had to retire to the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon. The reform Bishop Dominique Rey (59) was glad to have him

Since then he's directed a parish, a school and a Catholic youth club -- near Toulon -- in the 11,500 population community of Le Pradet.

From the beginning he radically broke with the Old Liberal pastoral tone of his predecessors.

In his first sermon he spoke of the last things:  "There are faithful, who have begun to cry against the Church from anger."

Fr. Horovitz received shortly after arrival four anonymous letters with the photo of a revolver and three bullets.

Play and Prayer

He runs with Fr. Blin and some of the parish members a youth outreach and began a new society "Brother and Sisters of the Mission".

His youth effort began with six boys --- in the meantime there are about forty children every week. The group is segregated by age and sex.

Many would ask what sense there is to play ball with children.

Fr. Horovitz answerd that:  "A child, who plays well as a child, prays well."

The greatest enemy is boredom

 Fr. Horovitz is a pragmatist:  "The greatest enemy of the Catechism instruction is boredom"  -- he explained.

The instructor has to be concise:  "When he finishes, the children should say: >>Really?<<".

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