Friday, April 27, 2012

Old Liberal Bishop of Salzburg to Retire: Conservative Replacement?

Edit: this from Cathcon.  On a brighter note, some of you will remember that Linz Auxiliary Bishop designate Father Wagner was summoned to Rome recently.

Expect a big fight over the Archbishopric of Salzburg Kothgasser to retire - General News - Austrian Times Online News - English Newspaper:

 "Alois Kothgasser, the archbishop of the Diocese of Salzburg, has decided to apply for retirement. Kothgasser announced yesterday (Weds) that he informed Pope Benedict XVI. about his wish in a letter. Kothgasser, 75, added he hoped for a private conversation with the Pope to discuss who could succeed him. 
A decision is expected for autumn. Kothgasser is regarded as one of the Austrian Church’s leaders who try to ensure a healthy balance of the influence of members with a modern approach and the clergy’s conservative circles.
 News that he wants to resign due to his age hits the Church in the midst of what some analysts think could lead to a cross-country rebellion." Cathcon- there is no healthy balance possible with rampant modernism now breaking out into open disobedience to the Vicar of Christ.

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