Friday, April 27, 2012

Dissident Jesuit Welcome in St. Paul Archdiocese

What, no Collar?
Edit: In addition to a chancellor at St. Mary's College in Winona pushing for women priests on anti-Catholic Fox News recently,  a pro-homosexual Jesuit named Father John Dear, was permitted to spread error at two Twin Cities parishes earlier this month.

Falling hard on the heals of a story about a Jesuit indicting homosexuality, here's a story of a Jesuit endorsing it.  We expect that there are more Jesuits endorsing homosexuality than preaching against it.  Here's  Father Dear who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Desmond Tutu for his alleged efforts on behalf of "peace" and "justice".

After having some help doing a cursory search of Father Dear's internet presence, it was admittedly a little difficult to find out anything about what he's been up to.  "Peace and Justice" is usually a good cover for dissidents.  It gives them the appearances of doing valid pastoral work when they are in fact promoting a Marxist agenda,  but most people understand that those who promote homosexuality can't possibly be Catholic, can they?

We've been led to understand that the Arhdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul, despite harboring one of the most anti-Catholic Colleges in the Midwest, has been improving as of late.  

Both of the Parishes where Dear appeared,  Pax Christi and St. Frances Cabrini, are widely known for promoting teachings that are in direct contradiction to Catholic teaching.  Heaven forbid that they  offered a Latin Mass, because they might have been closed down by another homosexual enabler,  Father John Bauer,  whose Basilica has a presence at a homosexual event in Minneapolis every year.

A month ago, Father Dear wrote the following on his website,  showing a dissatisfaction with the course the Church is taking.  That can only be a good thing:

As I travel the nation these days and meet good people everywhere, over and again I hear how good people feel betrayed by church leaders whether in regard to issues of justice and peace, women and gays and lesbians, or local parish closings or administrative issues. So many feel betrayed. So many are hurt. So many are angry. So many are walking away.
Of course, his solution to the problem is to ordain women and homosexuals.  Hasn't that been tried and found wanting?

Given the dramatic shortage of priests that will hit the Church in the next two decades, change is inevitable. Sooner or later, whether in ten years or one hundred, the Church will ordain women, allow clergy to marry, permit local communities to elect bishops, welcome gays and lesbians and respect other religions. The tide of history cannot be stopped. The changes will help the Church become healthier, more faithful, and more loving.

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