Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vienna's Cathedral Pastor Says Watching Porn Isn't a Serious Sin

"I Fall in Love a Lot"
Wherever the heart is full, the mouth overflows. The Viennese Cathedral Pastor, Anton Faber, has vomitted in a women's gossip magazine.

(, Vienna) Of him he says he would "ever and anon be addressed about his circumstances".

The Viennese scanadal priest, Father Anton Faber,  was interviewed by the Austrian women's gossip magaizine 'woman'.

The best stories from the Confessional

Fr. Faber  chatted about the most interesting confessions ever to come his way which he'd heard -- allegedly a former whore.

She had been abused by her own father and sold by her mother.  From the milieu of prostitution she fell into drugs.

Just before she was about to kill herself, she put her counsel in the hands of Father Faber.

[Edit: it sounds remarkably like the film "Into Temptation'.]

I've never been touched by a man like that before

The clergyman "listened to her for a long time, layed his hands on her forehead and prayed for her"

At the end the former whore said, that she is supposed to have been "never been touched by a man like that before".

She was clearly not talking about being touched by grace.

The words of sin and forgiveness did not arise in the description of Father Faber's confession either.

Still haven't become weak

In an interview Fr. Faber gloated about how, in the course of time  there was "not just one" immoral of made to him.

But he "still never became weak" as a priest --   he said with pride in the Virgin and the Martyrs.

His is -- on the contrary -- "painfully touched", when "men and women engage in sexual practices as if they were just shaking hands."

Watching Pornography Films is "Probably not a Serious Sin"

As tot he question, if priests are allowed to consume pornography, Fr. Faber denied Catholic moral teaching.

He avered for the feminine readership, that gawking at pornographic films is "probably not a serious sin".

The Evil are Other

The clergyman left not question desired unanswered: it happened to him that he was in love, "not just once".

Actually, he quickly redirected himself and insulted "supposedly pure ascetic priests, whom women avoid like the devil avoids holy water."

These clergymen supposes the supposedly tolerant Cathedral Pastor, are "so nasty to others and also themselves, mostly",  that they couldn't possibly love.

Women used and then left behind

True to heart, Fr. Faber is supposed to have commited many youthful sins with "many girlfriends".

If he had been a "good lover", you'd have to ask his partners in depravity, whom he reduced to prostitution.

He had moved like a "fish in many waters" in his youth.

A problem of a point in time?

The interview became especially bawdy during the question of the "first time".

He had fallen in "too early" with an accomplice -- wept the penitent Faber.

He describes this today as "not to be strictly recomended".

In that wazy, he way he must have surely "also wounded many".

He says he didn't want to marry any of them.

Thankfully he chose the priesthood

The Cathedral rector became a priest out of a false motivation.

As an 18 year old he was threatened by kidney failure.

He was so thankful for his life that he he supposedly committed himself to God.

It's still a white lie

Fr. Faber found a heaven for everyone.

Those who are gone have passed, "to a higher place of rest".

There they will have found the happiness that they "only partially could have enjoyed on earth".

In heaven one may "is spared all of the earthly crap" and is "simply super for it and completely fulfilled".

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Unknown said...

Incredible. I think I've figured out why the Cardinal seems to be immune from criticism. He is from an old noble family, a count, and the Germans/Austrians still revere those old families and titles. They also revere cars. How much you paid for your car determines who will goes first.

Tancred said...

I don't mean to be sarcastic but the aristocracy has, unfortunately, been abolished in Austria since the First World War for starters.

Do you actually know that Father Faber is descended from the aristocracy?

Also, being in the aristocracy only really helps you if you're also a Leftist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tancred. Don't bother. Minnesotans are just as guilty of perversion as anyone else.

We didn't even have a whimper when fag [sic] marriage was pronounced (but not made) legal. I think I'd rather be in France when their law goes into effect. The French could at least stone a few sodomites, unlike MN. where they probably will give them free Starbleccch's coffee....

Misericordie, Domine.
- Fr. John+