Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hideous Art in Innsbruck Followed by Dissident Theologian's Lecture

 At the Innsbruck Basilica of Wilten there are concerns about an offensive sculpture for the agitation of the faithful -- accompanying this is a course by Roman Siebenrock, a signator of the anti-Roman Theological Memorandum.

Innsbruck (  After the outrage surrounding the photo exhibition in the Innsbruck Cathedral, the Faithful are reporting now another noteworthy scuplture in the Basilica of Wilten,  which has aroused the displeasure of some of the faithful.  The exhibition "Ecce homo" by the south Tirol artist Lois Anvidalfarei was displayed at the beginning of Lent in the Wiltener Basilica.  Accompanying the sculpture is a religion course taught by theologian Roman Siebenrock. Siebenrock received his doctorate studying under Peter Hunermann in the Theological Faculty of Tübingen and is a signator of the anti-Roman Theological Memorandum.

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Mancar said...

Who can comment on this is too disgusting!