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Diocese of Aachen Distributes Birth Control Financing

Old Liberal Bishop of Aachen,
Msgr Heinrich Mussinghoff
© iba, Pressefoto Bistum Aachen
The inhuman Aachen 'Caritas' has set itself against morality.  In that they mirror in any case, the opinion of the Bishop and in essence, the entire compromised Bishops' Conference.

(, Aachen) The city area of Aachen has set aside a cost subsidy for birth control.

This was reported by Stefan Rehder yesterday in the Catholic newspaper 'Tagespost'.

His report appeared under the cynical title: "Now Everything is OK"

Subtitle: "In the Diocese of Aachen citizens of the region even in Catholic helpline offer support for sterilizations and long-term birth control protection."

Multi-lingual:  The Muslims are Target Groups

The advertising for the birth control assistance appears in German, English, French, Arabic and Turkish.

The birth control fund has given 30,000 Euro this year.

The things requested were long-term birth control like contraceptive coils, hormone implants or sterilizations.

In some circumstances the fond even pays for abortifacients. [anti-child pills]

Birth Control Advertisements in Kindergarten

Information pamphlets for these inhuman actions were even distributed in the schools of Aachen and in kindergartens.

That isn't enough.

On the back side of the pamphlet there is contact information for the collaborating help lines.

It is presented as an advice line of the 'Caritas Organization for the Diocese of Aachen', of the 'Caritas Organization for the Region of Eifel' and the 'Catholic Womens' Social Services".

Interested persons could make an application at all the listed help lines.

Sterilization?  No Problem!

Rehder gave a sample of an inquiry.

He called the Counselor "Advice and Help" of the 'Catholic Womens' Social Services" about a sterilization.

The answer on the telephone:  "We can set up a simple appointment, at that we can then get a picture of your  earning capacity."

If he were qualified, then the rest would be no problem.

Artificial Birth Control:  Something for everyone

After that Rehder confronted the supposedly Catholic 'Caritas Organization for the Diocese of Aachen' with the results of his research.

The social service made a statement without shame, to work with a procedure.

It didn't result, however, in a "distribution of contraceptives".

The people were passed into a situation, through the mediation of the contraceptive-subsidy to come to a supposedly informed decision.

The prevention of  children is a mortal sin, which every informed conscience detests.

Knowledge and ignorance is the same here

At that point the statement, that the Church's moral teaching is discretionary "to the use of chosen methods for the knowledge of those concerned."

"Knowledge" is meant in the same connection with ignorance.

Rehder found the statement "more than questionable".

He cited the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church', which the inhuman sterilization and artificial birth control are strenuously condemned.

The Bishop of Aachen also hides under this cover

A colleague of the contraception campaign said to Rehder, that it was "generally not" difficult, to get the Catholic help lines to cooperate.

The crowning of the scandal was published by Rehder at the end of the article.

He asked the press speaker of the Diocese of Aachen, Franz Kretschmann, for a clarification.

Kretschmann explained:

"Assume that the opinion of 'Caritas' also reflects the attitude of the Diocese."

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