Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vatican: The Leakers Are Discovered

'Promotions and reassignments':  two high ranking monsigniori are preparing themselves for a 'ONe-Way-Ticket-Trip" to the far East and Africa.  by Armin Schiwbach

Rome ( The scandal of confidential documents, which have flown from various 'leaks" in high positions of the Vatican State Secretariat, appear to have come for the time being to a conclusion.  The ones who have disseminated the documents, will in the near future probably find themselves in an office on Nuncio in a land of the far East and Africa,  "very far from Rome, where they can't do any more damage", says a "source" of the Italian news portal "".  Punishment in fthe form of a "promotion and relocation" corresponds to the classical Vatican style of "promotion for the purpose of elimination":  anything that doesn't change can be handled by a heave-ho.

"Vaticanleaks" and its end: and the announcements in the  upcoming appointments to "Vatican Information Service" will be will be interesting in the next coming weeks should contain those guilty of news leaks.  There will be at least two Monsignors who once offered their services to State Secretariat.

That those "promoted and reassigned" by the nomination to nuncios, that is, of ambassadors of the Holy See, are already selected to leave, as the source says of "," suggests that the acts of these disloyal Monsigniori were not those of lower employees (or flunkies) act, but very high-ranking employees in the immediate vicinity of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The Vatican's security services have been used extensively with a high-priority job, in finding the  "source". "Finding the chatterboxes out quickly in order to plug news leaks," Cardinal Bertone "lost his patience" this time. The Pope had been informed that the anti-mole-operation may have to take their beginning, with the result: "Exile and the possible end of promising careers." As far as those guilty of a breach of trust, it had been to monsignors that had been very critical of Cardinal Bertone and had begun to spread confidential documents to harm him, "It was an attack that came from inside. This time there was no mandate," said " ".

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Richard Collins said...
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Richard Collins said...

Sorry, too many typos.
Perhaps they will be sent to Menevia Diocese or Wrexham - they are wastelands compared with the Congo or Rwanda!

Tancred said...

I'd think you'd want some of your best minds in Africa and the far East, but that's me.

Tancred said...

Of course, living in a major European city like Rome could be a lot more comfortable than living in some parts of Africa.