Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Progressive Referendum Against Homosexuality in Slovenia

Slovenia.  A progressive citizen's initiative in Slovenia has enough signatures collected against a homosexual law of June 2011 in order to bring a referendum to a vote.  The signatures were presented to Parliament last Friday.  The homosexual law allows Gomorrhists to adopt.  The Church supports the proposed referendum.  The Slovenian people foresee bringing the law to account by March.


Similar measures are being undertaken in Russia, in St. Petersburg, which promise to punish those promoting homosexuality with a fine of $16,700.  The measure is intended to protect the virtue of Russian youth.

New Pravda seems unhappy about the measures as it points out that homosexuality was only legalized under Boris Yeltsin, when it was specifically prescribed under Soviet Law.  They point out that, "anti-gay sentiment is still widespread."

Link at pravda...

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