Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liturgical Abuse: Mardigras Mass in Germany

Edit: Ochsenhausen (Oberschwaben) A reader of sent a video he took with his camera to them. It follows a request by the German District of the SSPX for a halt to these blashemous and disrespectful practices of "Fools' Masses" or Mardigras Masses.

There is a five minute film below with some poor sound and visual quality, but it shows you the basic story. Mardigras (Fasching) Liturgies are extremely popular in some parts of Germany it seems. In point of fact, often playing the fool, many Secular and Order priests actually contradict the Second Vatican Council's decree on the Liturgy especially in so far as it specifically states that neither priests nor even bishops may alter its decrees and make changes.  Don't forget, rules don't apply to them (Liberals), they can do whatever they want.

The pastor, Dean Sigmund Schaenzel, presided over the liturgical abuse in a part of Germany called Schabia. He only uses the ambo once a year, and this year he threw flowers from it and the manuscript for his speach. The theme of this Mass, which included "schunkling" by the laity, which is a Doctor Seuss kind of thing where people link arms and sway back and forth to the music, alternating directions between rows.  It's really neat.  The theme for the Mass reads, "fall out of the frame". Everything about it is demeaning and whatever the intentions of the priest, these things clearly demean the Sacraments and make a mockery of the Vatican Council itself.

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