Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vatican Head Complains about Anonymous Blogs

Edit: Slandering Bishops and the Pope is ok if you're Radio Vatican

The Vatican Fears the Truth?

Vatican. [] The President of the Papal Social Communications, Claudio Maria Celli (70), criticized internet sites with "heavily biased origins", which confront the Bishops or the Pope.  This was reported by of all people, the anti-Catholic and anti-Papal 'Radio Vatican' under the title "Vatican reproves anonymous blogs, which attack Bishops".  Archbishop Celli promotes at the same time a passion for -- what is scorned by the typical Conciliarist -- truth.

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schmenz said...

If His Excellency Archbishop Celli is concerned about these blogs then he needs to convince his fellow prelates to stop giving the bloggers ammunition.

When bloggers see these people weakening or subveting the Faith, even if innocently, it is their duty to point this out. Granted there are some terrible, pseudo-snarky blogs out there which need to disappear, the serious ones are doing the same work that St Anthony of Padua did in years past, when that great Saint publicly rebuked his own Bishop for not being a strong defender of the Faith.

Archbishop Celli: the ball is in your court.