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Prelate Georg May: "The honor is an incentive to continue my service for the Church and in research even more selflessly and intensively than before."

Kathnews-Chefredakteur Benjamin Greschner im Gespräch mit Prälat Georg May. Erstellt von Benjamin Greschner am 27. Januar 2012 um 18:40 Uhr

Mainz (kathnews-exklusiv). As kathnews has already reported, the renowned Canon Lawyer Dr. Georg May has been named by Pope Benedict XVI. as Apostolic Protonotary. Today kathnews Chief Director, Benjamin Grescher spoke with the Prelate about his pastoral and academic work and his reception of an Papal title of honor. Right at the beginning of the interview, George May expressed his astonishment at the naming: "I neither petitioned, nor was I eager to receive this honor. I received it without any effort on my part," said the clergyman. For him it is clear, that he was not counting on resting after this papal recognition: "The honor is an incentive to continue my service for the Church and in research even more selflessly and intensively than before."

At the same time Professor May understands that his naming to Apostolic Pronotary is not solely an honor for himself, rather for the faithful, who have assisted with him at Holy Mass: "I take the honor as a sign of recognition for my community, as in war, a medal for bravery is a recognition for the fidelity of the support an officer has received from his men. The faithful of his community would rather see him carried, encouraged and blessed, continued the Prelate. "I would not have been able to carry out my work over the years, yes decades, without the willing sacrifices and accompanyment of the faithful," stressed the most worthy May.

Actually, how does the naming to Apostolic Protonotary change the priestly life and work of the Theologian? For Prelate May there was no question: "It is without question that I will make no use of the title, and remain as before a priest -- that is my dearest occupation -- and naturally professor, which means to be a witness to Christian and Catholic truth!"

After the Second World War Georg May studied Theology and Philosophy. On the 1st of May 1951 he received the Sacrament of Holy Orders for the Archdiocese of Breslau [Wrocław]. Other studies followed in which the priest graduated and was certified as a PhD. His teaching activity began at the University of Freiburg, ere he took the chair for Canon Law at the University of Johannes Guttenburg in 1960, he undertook civil law and Ecclesiastical Legal History. Since 1994, Professor May occupied this chair. Click here to look at the letter by his Lordship.
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