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Bishop Schneider: The Problem Lies -- Even Without Abuses -- In the Rite Itself

Edit: He stops short of saying for Vatican II what he says of the New Rite of the Mass. He's not just criticizing abuses in the Liturgy, or Communion in the Hand, but the Rite itself.

The new Eucharistic celebration gives the impression of a gathering and not the unbloody renewal of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.

Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider
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( Priests and Bishops supposedly had to regard the Liturgical Revolution of Paul VI. († 1978) "with awe", because it had been "formed by the Church".

This is the opinion of Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider (50) of Astana in Kazakhstan at the end of October for the video site ''.

The Auxiliary Bishop assures that it may be possible to celebrate the new Mass worthily.

A Work of Man

The infallibility of the Pope does not correspond to the Liturgical reform -- remarked Msgr Schneider.

No human labor is complete and the Liturigal Reform is a human work.

The Auxiliary Bishop commented in the Pope's declaration in the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum" on the mutual enrichment between the Old Mass and the Eucharistic celebration.

For him the enrichment is if anything, one sided: The new Eucharistic celebration should be enriched by the elments of the Old Mass.

The Meal is only a part of the Mass

Msgr. Schneider is turned against a Mass celebration with the back to God.

There is no precedent for it in Church history.

The Supper Table makes a gathering or a meal out of the Mas. The representation of the Sacrifice on the Cross of Christ disappears into the back ground.

In reality the elements of a meal appear first at the distribution of Communion: "There is the table and the table cloth."

On the contrary, both -- the Communion rail and the Communion cloth -- have been eliminated.

The Problem is in the Rite

In the new Sunday Mass there is -- even without abuses -- the impression of a meeting.

As causes Msgr Schneider described the celebration facing the people and the fact, that laity stand, go into the sanctuary and read readings or accomplish other activities.

In the new Mass, everything is loudly recited. Everything must be seen.

There is too little room for the contemplative, the silence and prayer.

Msgr Schneider believes that the Liturgical Revolution had never been the intention of the Conciliar Fathers.

The true intention of the Conciliar Fathers is still not realized.

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