Friday, January 13, 2012

Denial Runs Rampant as San Francisco Diocese Discusses Women Religious

Edit: It's really disappointing that the Apostolic Visitation which was meant to address the "issues" related to US Women Religious has degenerated into a vague pat on the back. Meanwhile, the good that's been done by orders of traditional sisters who are living out their vocations in good faith and who are now experiencing tremendous growth, are ignored.

People who are addicted to alcohol will do anything to avoid talking about the problems that lead up to their life's problems. When you're addicted to Modernism, you'll do anything to avoid talking about the solution to the problems which ail you, especially when you claim to be a Catholic religious.

It's what one Bishop calls a dialog of the blind deaf and dumb. They pretend that the problem isn't there, when the embrace of "Social Justice" and novelty is choking the life out of these moribund old orders and the Catholic Faith they once claimed and protected.

The only growth that this nun, Sister Rosina, sees is in the "developing" countries, which she views as an opportunity for "diversity, new prayer forms" and "cultural expressions". What she really means is that the Church will become more irrelevant and she can keep collecting a six figure salary.
Last Dec. 10, 95 women religious representing 21 religious congregations met with Archbishop George Niederauer, Auxiliary Bishop William J. Justice and Auxiliary Bishop Robert W. McElroy at St. Cecilia Church in San Francisco to hear a panel presentation on the future of religious life.

Catholic San Francisco spoke with Presentation Sister Rosina Conrotto, director of the office of women religious for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, after the event.

Catholic San Francisco: What is your personal view of religious life and the role of women religious going forward?

Sister Rosina: Religious life, no matter what form it takes, will always be a gift in the church. As women religious we’re called to live consecrated lives of poverty, chastity and obedience and to respond to the needs of our time. Our response can be through direct service, through prayer and through the witness of our lives as we strive to live the Gospel values of justice, compassion and respect for the dignity of all persons and for all creation. Forms may change, but the commitment will remain the same.[It means more bad Liturgy, more heretical teaching, more Modernism.]
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Bruce said...

I agree with your opening paragraphs, but when I read Sr. Rosina's statement, the connection is not apparent. Your italicized translation comes across as your opinion that Sr. Rosina is bad, so any data must be interpreted in the worst light. Sometimes the best way to fix problems is to concentrate on the good being done.

Tancred said...

If you're getting paid a substantial salary by the Archdiocese, and you're actually supposed to know about women religious, it's your job, and you don't talk about what Religious communities are really having success [traditional ones] and focus instead on social justice and other Marxist buzzwords, I'm afraid you're either incompetent or bad.

Tancred said...

Also, we've been focusing "on the good being done" in many circles ever since the new springtime began. It's time to turn on these charlatans and drive them from the temple.