Friday, January 27, 2012

Cardinal Siri Man Appointed to Patriarchate of Venice

Edit: Stay tuned for other good news. Cardinal Siri was among the Traditionalist Cardinals in Vatican II who did his best to resist Liberalism within the Church and preserve a remnant for the future.  It seems that his tree is bearing fruit.

(Venice, katholisches)The new Patriarch of Venice is one of three such bishoprics in in the Latin Church, which has this honorary title. Pope Benedict XVI has decided for Msgr Francesco Moraglia, the current Bishop of La Spezia. The official release is expected in eight days.

The occupation of the new Head in the city of lagoons may take place in March. The coming Patriarch of St. Mark's was 25. Mai 1953 in Genoa. He comes from the school of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri, who from 1946-1986 was Archbishop of Genoa. Msgr Moraglia is considered to be a "Sirian" and a "Ratzingerian".

Msgr Moraglia was ordained in 1977 by Cardinal Siri. He proved himself as an outstanding theologian. The Dogmatician found himself in agreement with Pope Benedict XVI. "Ratzingerian" describes Msgr. Moraglia not only in theological, but also in Liturgical views. He teaches Christology, Christian Anthroopology, Sacramental Theology and History of Theology in the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy. In 2003 he was the consultant of the Congregation of Clergy to the Roman Church. From 2005 he addressed a symposium with the theme "Reason and Faith in Christendom". In 2007 he was called by Pope Benedict XVI. to be the Bishop of the Diocese of La Spezia in Liguria. He also held the position for oversight of the media for the Italian Bishops' Conference.

As a Bishop he has expounded a diversity of social questions and situation of the financial crisis, above all those who became unemployed in his Diocese. He went and visited individually the depressed areas of his Dicoese after the past year of storms, and sent seminarians out to assist with evacuation and clean up. "That is the school for life," he said of the action. His appointment will be happily greeted by those loyal to Rome and tradition bound Christians.

AS the Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli writes, the appointment will not be discussed in the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops' Congregation.' The Prefect of the Congregation, Marc Cardinal Ouellet and the new Apostolic Nuncio in Italy, Msgr Adriano Bernardini, in office since November 2011, had prepared the appointment so that Pope Benedict XVI made an immediate decision. The Patriarchal See has been vacant for seven months, after the Pope had named Cardinal Scola as new Bishop in Milan in 2011. Link to original... Text: Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Cathopedia


GregY said...

This is the most encouraging news I have heard in terms of episcopal appointments in some time. One can only hope that Cardinal Oullet had something to do with as well as His Holiness, for that would be a sign of great things to come indeed. Let us commit to praying for the Pope and all of those in charge of choosing shepherds for the flock!

Stephen Korsman said...

HH Pope Benedict will be around for another 10 years, but he is placing future popes. Milan has produced Pope Pius XI and Pope Paul VI. Venice has produced Pope Pius X, Pope John XXIII, and Pope John Paul I. Cardinal Angelo Scola has been both, currently in Milan. His Wikipedia entry is neutral on my favourite issues, but his writings are good. Now we have a superb Patriarch of Venice.

Pseudo Bessarion said...

Ten more years. If only that had been true.