Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SSPX's Response to Vatican, No Response

Bishop Fellay
Edit:  The response to Rome has just come in and it brings to mind an episode from the life of Caligula by Suetonius in his 12 Caesars.  The erratic Caligula hated people who disturbed his dramatic entertainments and sent one offending officer as a messenger to Ptolemy of Mauritania bearing the message, "do nothing at all, either good or evil, to the bearer of this message."

Man, that Vatican Insider continues to contemptuously refer to the Society of St. Pius X as "Lefebvrians" and even refuses to grace the name of Fellay with the title of Bishop.  

According to  Vatican Insider, the Vatican has received a response from the Society, but there is nothing, only a "documentation".  Tornielli seems to think that Bishop Fellay is taking more time to defer the decision, or ask for clarification and possible changes to the text proposed by the Holy See.

Tornielli has taken some time to dwell on alleged internal difficulties within the Society, but he hasn't taken any time to talk about the internal difficulties faced by the Church at large, what with the pornography scandal in Germany and the rebellious attitude of the German speaking clergy in general, who, despite all of their financial wealth, can't seem to figure out who they serve.  

Bishop Fellay's recent response notwithstanding, no one has addressed his request for understanding in light of the Church's massive decay.

 Link to Vatican Insider, here...

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Apparently, there is also speculation about some kind of coup, which Tornielli is suggesting going on within the SSPX by a discredited Belgian Sedevacantist site.

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