Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hollywood is a Nest of Vipers

"It was a running joke in Hollywood for years that the Coreys were being passed around."

Edit: It's the tip of the iceberg, a Hollywood talent manager has been accused of molesting numerous children.

This is as good as any a time to renew calls for a return to moral objectivity and who else can provide that but the Catholic Church? It would be nice to see a return to the Church's influence on what is and isn't presentable. The entertainment media complex has sexualized children with impunity for years.

A few months ago, a famous child actor, Corey Feldman, pointed an accusing finger at the media complex. Now the former actor who played Molly Olson on television's Little House on the Prairie has added her voice to his, according to Lifesite.

What's been revealed lately is only the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood is a ship of vermin spreading moral contagion far and wide.

Incidentally, where are the usual victim's advocates? It may be supposed that sex-abuse attorney and change agent, Jeff "ACLU" Anderson had to speak out about the Sandusky accusations at Penn State, but he hasn't to our knowledge represented a single child actor or former child actor. It's interesting that with his access to the New York Times and the media that he's been silent about sexual predators in Hollywood. Is there a reason that Jeff Anderson, a nationally known attorney who's built his livelihood on sexual abuse claims against the Catholic Church, doesn't represent any child stars against predator Producers and the others like them that predominate in the entertainment industry?

Lifesite News....


Unknown said...

Aye, Aye, sir!

Dan said...

One of the commentators referred to in the article said, "Hollywood attracts pedophiles". No. Hollywood attracts homosexuals, and they are the ones sodomizing these kids in 90% of all case recorded. The other ten per cent are the weirdos who go after little girls.

I wish good websites like Lifesite News would start using the "h" word soon. Not calling a spade a spade - not identifying homosexual predation of boys as the real culprit - merely has the effect of providing cover for sexual perverts

Tancred said...

Roman Polanski isn't an aberrosexual, but we should really consider declaring war on France to extradite him so he can go to a maximum security prison.